West Way eVision

What is eVision?

eVision is the latest innovative feature to be added to West Way's aftersales process and offers our customers a unique insight into the health of their vehicle, straight from the workshop.

How does eVision work?

When your vehicle receives a free healthcheck in one of our workshops, key components such as brakes, tyres and lights will be inspected thoroughly by one of our skilled technicians. 

With the new eVision system, the technician will identify any problems or concerns with your vehicle, film it, and advise you of any work that needs to be completed with a simple, jargon-free commentary. 

This video will then be emailed to you and after watching, you can choose the work which you want to have carried out on your vehicle.

eVision is also a great opportunity to learn what you should be looking for and makes it easier for you to check your vehicle more regularly at home.

How do I book my Video Healthcheck?

Booking is simple! To book your free video healthcheck, click here to book online today or contact your local West Way Service Department. 

If you want to see how eVision works, then watch the short clip below. 

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