Air Con Re-Gas Service

As it gets warmer, the last thing you want to do is lose your cool over your car's air conditioning system.

That's why West Way is offering an Air Con Re-Gas service from just £99.

We'll complete a system re-gas ensuring optimum performance and efficiency, as well as a comprehensive deep clean.

Why does it need to be serviced?

Your car's air-conditioning doesn't just keep you cool, it could keep you healthy too. A clean and effective air conditioning system means no build-up of bacteria, condensation and bad odors which can lead to contamination and make you feel ill. 

What happens if it's not serviced?

The system will continue to lose gas, becoming less and less efficient. This will increase your fuel consumption, increase your chances of falling ill from bacteria build-up and eventually the system will fail.

How often should it be serviced?

Air-conditioning systems can lose up to 10% of their gas each year, so we recommend a service every 2 years.

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