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West Way Nissan are certified as being Specialist Automotive Finance 'SAF' Approved, giving our finance customers the assurance that they are receiving expert advice from a knowledgeable motor dealership.

Finance provided by RCI Financial Services Limited, PO Box 149, Watford WD17 1FJ. You must be at least 18 and a UK resident (excluding Isle of Man and Channel Islands) to apply. Our dealership introduce customers to a limited number of finance providers including RCI Financial Services Ltd. Finance providers pay us for introducing you to them. We make every effort to accurately describe the vehicle but mistakes can happen and some information does come from third parties. Customers are advised to check all specifications with our dealership staff to ensure that the car is accurately described.

Already a Motability customer

Nissan Motability
 Joining The Motability Scheme already a motability customer? 

Personal Independant Payment (PIP) Motability Infographic Guide

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 Changing your car

Cancelling my car lease agreement? It’s possible to cancel your lease agreement depending on your reasoning. Contact your Motability Expert to talk about cancelling your agreement. 

My lease expires soon but I only have 6 months left on my award. What do I do? You need 12 months on your reward to place an order for a new car. With only 6 months left you will need to arrange an extension of your existing lease.

When do I order my next car? You can order your next car with 3 months to go on your current lease, as long as you have 12 month remaining on your reward.

Who taxes my car? The Motability scheme provides your road tax for the 3 years of your lease.

How do I check my Motability car is taxed? Your Motability car will be delivered with road tax for 1 year. After this the Motability scheme will renew your tax every year for the length of your lease. Check your tax here:

Can I add my own private number plate? Yes you can. Our Motability Expert can help you with the process of adding your private number plates to your Motability car.


Do I have breakdown cover?  Yes under the Motability scheme you are provided with RAC cover. If you're traveling abroad you should look at getting breakdown cover for foreign travel.

What do I do if my car breaks down? Call the RAC, you should have their number located in your information pack.

Am I provided with a courtesy car? We can offer you a courtesy car. If you require a courtesy car, contact your Motability Expert.

Will I receive a replacement WAV? While repairs or a service is being carried out on your WAV and you need a WAV to travel, call 0300 456 4566 to discuss your options.

 Using your car

How many miles can I do in my Motability car? Your allowance is 60,000 miles over the course of your 3 year lease. Additional miles will be charged at 5p per mile.

Should I be present in the car when been used? The car is there to be used by or used for the benefit of the disabled person. You don’t need to be present in the car as long as a named driver is using it for your benefit.

Can I have a pet in my car? Yes, you can use your Motability scheme car as you would any other car.

Can I use my Motability car for business? The car is covered for social, domestic and pleasure purposes including travel directly between home and permanent place of work, at all times under the Certificate of Motor Insurance. If you require to use the car for any other purpose, please contact RSA Motability (RSAM).

Can I fit a tow bar to my Motability car? Yes, speak to your Motability Expert for advice on fitting.

Can you smoke in a Motability car? Yes you can, the smoke-free legislation does not apply to private use cars.

Do Motability cars have trackers? Not all do. The Motability scheme is only putting trackers in about 5% of cars out of around 600,000. This is used to stop misuse of the car by registered drivers.

 Motability Car Maintenance

What do I do if my car needs a repair? You should contact your dealership to get your Motability car booked in for repairs or servicing. Any repairs or servicing that are from everyday use are covered by the Motability scheme.

What do I do about getting new tyres? Your tyres are covered under the Motability scheme. Kwik-fit will replace your tyres at no additional cost.

What if my Motability car fails its MOT? You aren’t insured to drive a car without MOT. The MOT cost is included in your Motability scheme.

What if a mobility aid damages the car? Any damage caused by a wheelchair or other mobility aids is classed as wear and tear.

What to do if I need my windscreen repairing? Windscreen repair or replacement is covered by the Motability scheme, you will be charged a £50 excess payment.

 Paying fines

Do I need to pay parking tickets or traffic offenses? Yes, the Motability scheme does not cover this.