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The Nissan LEAF was the first fully electric car to join the Motability scheme after the ever popular programme extended its list of available cars to include fully electric models back in 2013. Those receiving the Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Allowance or War Pensioners Mobility supplement, which is based on the level of support someone may need, will have access to the all-new UK-built Nissan LEAF.

Nissan is proving a very popular choice within the Motability scheme. The government run scheme offers such a wide range of different vehicles that they inevitably meet a very wide range of needs, especially where mobility is concerned. The introduction of the LEAF is no exception to this. They have combined this good sized hatchback with extremely low running costs when compared to those of petrol or diesel. Nissan have gone as far as to predict a £1000 saving on fuel  over 10,000 miles. An 8 hour charge should provide an average of 124 mile travel, which would cost  an average of £2 depending on the time of day. 

The way in which the car is built and put together also helps to make it a more than viable option to consider, the design of the car makes sense. It has lots of interior space, helped by the innovative placement of the battery in the floor. This move means a 370 litre boot, with 60:40 rear seat split offering 720 litres! An extremely useful and practical space that would be good for equipment that may need to go with you. Also, due to the smaller electric engine the cabin is open and spacious, the centre console reduced which delivers more space for maneuverability and does not limit the sort of movement or actions that may help getting in and out.

The technology of the car would also prove very useful to someone with limited mobility, predominantly the remote contact with the vehicle. Owners would have the ability to control climate or charging time from your computer or smartphone with NissanConnect EV, which means the car can be primed for use without having to make that trip out to the vehicle, only make that move once you and the car are ready to go. Driver assistive additions such as reversing cameras are also available on some of the LEAF grades.

The actual controls of the car are a great feature too, proving easy use that is simple and basic with great results. The single gear progression and the lack of a gearbox and clutch are great examples of the LEAF’s basic controls, it minimises movement and coordinated instruction. In doing so Nissan has successfully provided consumers with the fundamentals of driving without any sort of activity that could be difficult, and , whilst doing so, have not compromised on performance or comfort. And, at the foundation of all this is Nissan’s great reputation and reliability.

Overall the LEAF makes for an extremely noticeable, reliable and practical addition to the range available in the Motability scheme. A versatile and viable vehicle with predominantly lower running costs. It’s design, technology, and complete simplicity and ease of use make it an extremely strong contender. For suggestions and helpful advice regarding which car would be right for you on the scheme contact our Nissan motability specialists today. They are always happy to help.

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