340 Electric Vehicles – 1 Eco Friendly, Hi-Tech, 100% Electric Nissan Leaf

August 29, 2014

A researcher at Oxford Brookes University was involved in the biggest government study into low and zero emissions vehicles in Europe and did a recent review for the Telegraph. With over 340 electric vehicles involved in the study, the much loved 100% Electric Nissan Leaf stands out in a league of its own!

With over 340 electric vehicles involved in the study, the much loved 100% Electric Nissan Leaf stands out in a league of its own!

From collating data for a large, real-life trial of ultra-low carbon vehicles, Sarah spoke to many drivers about their experience of electric motoring. It was inevitable that the 100% Electric Leaf was a clear winner! After test driving the much loved Leaf; Sarah finds the ultra-low emission Nissan Leaf exceeds all her expectations!

The researcher from Oxford Brookes University found the Nissan Leaf exterior boasts a well-engineered, large, conventional hatchback with enhanced boot space in the rear, roomy, comfortable and stocked with hi-tech driver aids – putting her petrol run-around vehicle to shame!Nissan Leaf available at West Way Nissan

The Leaf’s on-board high-tech, intelligent system is equipped with an array of features from: 360 degree parking cameras, on route satnav locator to local charging stations for a rapid charge, energy efficient Bose sound system for a high level of audio performance, Bluetooth, Google send-to-car technology and a remote control system that allows you to control the air con with your smartphone.

After having a far deeper interest in electric cars since 2009, it is evident that the Nissan Leaf was full of surprises; exceeding Sarah’s knowledge and expertise on electric vehicles. With 124 miles on Eco mode and fully charged the Nissan Leaf is perfect for Sarah’s everyday seven mile commute and more before it needs a re-charge from the comfort of your own home or at a local charging station!

Not only did the Leaf exceed Sarah’s expectations, it also presented her with more range that she ever needs from her usual seven mile commute. Fully charged Leaf in Eco mode can travel up to a staggering 124miles before it needs a re-charge benefiting the usual petrol motor vehicle owner from a 75% subsidised or even free domestic charging point. On the motorway the Leaf more than held its own – with excellent acceleration and intelligent power saving vehicle the deceleration automatically replenishes the battery life.

“It was cutting-edge, a natural driving experience from the beginning and a joy in traffic” Sarah Mansbridge; Telegraph Review 2014

It is evident to say the Nissan Leaf is perfect for an all year run-around; suitable for an everyday commute and capable of long distant journeys. You will be sure to always have more power than you have anticipated; this intelligent Leaf will always re-route you to your local charging station when running low. We have great deals currently on the Nissan Leaf; visit our website for more information.


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