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22 Mar


EV’s: Are they better & cheaper than Petrol or Diesel Cars

Today, the majority of us are looking to do our bit for the environment through our everyday actions. Many of us now recycle, lift share, and have even ditched the aerosol cans, more than not, people are actively doing something to help in the conservation of our surroundings. One thing that is definitely becoming increasingly available and popular is the use of electric vehicles. As awareness of issues concerning the environment grow so does the interest in ways in which to protect and conserve. Environmentally-minded motorists are showing a marked interest in increasing the use of vehicles that say no to the use of fossil fuels and their associated carbon emissions. Continue Reading

06 Feb


The Nissan e-NV200 has topped the charts as Europe’s best-selling electric van for 2016

The award-winning all-electric van ranked number one in 17 countries across Europe, ahead of its competitors in the category.

The UK is the top market in Europe for Nissan e-NV200, followed closely by Norway and France. Sales were up 20% on the previous year and alongside the LEAF, Nissan’s electric vehicle models command almost 50% of the entire EV market in the UK. In the UK, sales of e-NV200 have more than doubled since launching in 2014 with the model claiming just over 82% market share in 2016. Continue Reading

02 Nov


West Way Nissan is Bringing Electric into Your Business

West Way Nissan is using the Government-backed Work Place Promotion Programme to further enhance the popularity of the 100% Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 Van. The scheme is designed to boost business by giving businesses a level 2 discount; which is up to 22% off any brand new electric vehicle!

The scheme is designed to give businesses the opportunity to see how switching to electric will benefit their business. By investing in an electric vehicle or fleet, savings to business can add up to over £5000* in comparison to businesses that use regularly fuelled vehicles.

West Way has been working hard by contacting companies that may benefit from this scheme and so far, has seen great success. Our Oldham dealership recently did a deal with Local Company ‘Positive Steps’ and their staff are now enjoying the savings of driving an electric car.

Phil Behrens, Oldham’s Dealer Principal thinks the scheme is a great idea for allowing drivers to learn more about the LEAF and electric driving in a non-pressure environment. Positive Steps is the first business to be visited as part of the scheme, however West Way is on a mission to get the LEAF out and about!

West Way can set up a no-hassle event at any business at a time that suits the employer, this informal event gives employees an opportunity to test drive the cars, explore the Nissan LEAF’s features and ask questions without a ‘Sales pressured’ environment.

If you are interested in benefitting from the Workplace Promotion Programme click here

11 Aug


West Way Nissan Gives an Electric Gift!

Our Stockport dealership recently lent local Tameside Radio presenter Gareth Cottrell a 100% electric e-NV200 van so his support crew could film his gruelling charity bike trek from Manchester to Wales. Due to the van’s huge cargo space and low running costs; it was a perfect choice!

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