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24 Nov


Black Friday Weekend Sale

Black Friday just got a whole lot better with West Way Nissan, we are giving you huge savings on an already unbelievably great value range. Continue Reading

05 Aug


Nissan Note Black Edition, Elegant and more Dynamic Than Ever.

Make a lasting impression. The Nissan Note Black Edition, elegant and more dynamic than ever. Nissan have introduced a limited supply of the Note Black, delivering a perfect balance of beauty and first-rate functionality, delivering a bold and distinctive design statement.

Nissan have introduced a limited supply of the Note Black, delivering a perfect balance of beauty and first-rate functionality, delivering a bold and distinctive design statement. Continue Reading

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05 Nov


The Nissan Note Gets its own Specially Designed CarZorb

The Nissan Note has quickly gone from being one of the safest vehicles on the street to one of the most extreme. This comes after the car was placed into the world’s largest (and first) car zorbing ball before being rolled down a course of steep hills to celebrate the model’s first birthday and Safety Shield Technology.

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18 Aug


The Nissan Note Safety Shield Technology

With millions of UK holiday makers now venturing further away in search of the summer sun, it is essential to take the necessary precautions when on the road. This is one of the reasons behind the launch of the innovative Safety Shield Technology, designed to make your driving experience as safe and worry free as possible!

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22 May


Revealed: The World’s First Self-Cleaning Car

A trip to the car wash and getting out the old bucket and sponge could soon be a thing of the past thanks to Nissan’s new self-cleaning car concept.

The first model to use the paint will be the Note, which recently went on sale last October. With the model already featuring a ‘wash and blow dry’ function located on the rear view camera that dispersers air and water to keep the lens clear, the dirt-repelling paint will only make the car more stress-free and family friendly to drive.

Scientists have developed what they call Ultra-Ever Dry®, a super-hydrophobic and oleophobic paint that has the ability to repel water and oils. The ‘nano-paint’ technology is currently being trialled by engineers here in the UK, tasked with putting its ability to repel everyday dirt to the test at the European Technical Centre located at Cranfield in Bedfordshire.

As the first carmaker to apply this innovative technology, the world is eagerly awaiting to find out just how well it will be able to withstand the temperamental British weather and country roads. A spokesman for the car manufacturing giant described the way the dirt-repelling coating works as “a protective layer of air between the paint and environment”. This will enable it to effortlessly and effectively stop standing water and road spray from creating dirty marks on the surface of the car caused by elements.

Whilst there are no plans in place as yet for the technology to be rolled out as a standard feature, it is certainly something to be considered for future models. The price for the paint has not yet been confirmed however it is predicted to be around the £450 mark. Taking into account that regularly putting your car through a professional car wash can be a costly and time-consuming chore, there’s no doubt that this concept is sure to be a popular one!

Click here to watch the self-cleaning car paint in action.

Self Cleaning Note