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21 Feb


When it comes to electric cars there is only one true contender – the Nissan LEAF

We compare The All New Nissan Electric Hot Hatch – vs the Tesla Saloon 3

With the new LEAF, Nissan’s done something even more exciting than create a good electric car. They’ve made a car that will give people who might normally buy a hatchback with a petrol engine a completely different option, almost without compromise. Doesn’t it say something that our only complaint about a fully electric vehicle is the adjustability of the steering wheel?GQ magazine Jan’ 2018


Nissan are proud to launch the new Nissan LEAF and Tesla are quaking at the impressive stats the new car on the block boasts. It’s quite easy to do a comparison of performance figures, but would that really be a fair comparison? Continue Reading

09 Feb


Everyday Family Hatchbacks Vs 100% Electric LEAF

Nissan LEAF outperforms Petrol Class

There are a number of articles out there about the Nissan LEAF which focus on showing you how it is the best in its class. But, as an everyday combustion engine driver you don’t want to  know if Nissan have produced the best electric car in the EV class, you want to know how the LEAF stacks up against the class equivalent of petrol and diesel cars.

So, that’s what we’ve done. Below you’ll find that we’ve compare Nissan’s 100% electric car to a Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and VW Golf, all of which are family hatchbacks. This will give you a real life look at how the LEAF stacks up against your everyday cars.

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08 Feb


The Big Nissan Savers Event – Bigger Savings, Better Value

It’s here! It’s bigger than ever! It’s the Big Nissan Savers Event! And, if all that hype wasn’t enough to get you excited, then maybe a little insight into our savings, might spark your interest from cool curiosity to burning desire to find out more.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, you could save over £5000! No, that’s not a mistake, I haven’t accidentally hit the ‘0’ key too many times!  Yes, £5000!  The equivalent of 7 correctly answered questions on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’  (And we all know how hard that game show is).

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This all seems to be too good to be true?  What’s the catch? And what actually is a ‘nearly new’ car?   We can hear you asking.

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05 Feb


FREEzing February Winter Essentials – A post-Christmas treat for your car

‘Forecasters expect this  to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far, and freezing temperature are expected to continue throughout February.’

Yes, just because Christmas has passed it doesn’t mean the cold season is over yet, but with West Way you can have peace of mind throughout the period, because no matter how much snow ‘Old Mother Winter’ is sending our way, you can be sure that West Way Nissan have got you covered.


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31 Jan


The all-new Nissan LEAF & eNV200 are put to the test!

NISSAN employees have travelled the length and breadth of the country to learn about the all-new Nissan LEAF and eNV200 at the Millbrook Proving Ground.

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