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25 Jan


West Way & My Club Nissan

Dave Gordon, Business Development Manager has carefully selected his band of merry men and women from our West Way network to come together and join the elite group of the Club Nissan Specialists by attending a unique intense training day.

A specialist from each of our 15 dealerships attended the event held at Coventry Rugby to absorb everything Club Nissan and the amazing discounts available to retired or current Nissan (& West Way) employees, our friends, family and Nissan’s suppliers. The scheme is also extended to those in the Ministry of Defence, the police and fire service. Continue Reading

24 Jan


Go Ultra Low and choose electric this year

New Year, New You? So, you’ve got your usual list of New Year’s resolutions; be healthier, save money and do more for the environment. All three of which are worth pursuing – whilst we may not be able to help with the first; we might just be able to help with the next two.

Perhaps this is the year you decide to jump into the future and make that switch, that people often think about, but aren’t quite sure about committing to. No, we’re not talking about trading the cakes for shakes (who doesn’t love cake?). We’re talking about making the change to the electric side of driving.
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23 Jan


Motability and Mental Health

The past 12 months have been a time filled with uncertainty for people with mental health disabilities who receive the PIP mobility award.

What’s been happening?

In March 2017, the Department for Work and Pensions announced that the new PIP Regulations would bar someone from receiving the enhanced PIP mobility rate if they could not follow the route of a familiar journey without another person unless it was “for reasons other than psychological distress”.

This change in the PIP assessment came following two court rulings in 2016 on how benefits claims are scored; the Government felt that the combined effects of the rulings would have added £3.7billion to the benefits bill by 2023.

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17 Jan


Ready for a New Nissan? 3, 2, 1, Go.

A, B, C it’s easy as 1,  2, 3. That’s how simple it is to buy a new Nissan from West Way. What’s more, the latest offer is just as simple:

3. Price 

Low monthly payments are available across the Nissan range.

2. Promise

3 years free warranty† and 3 years free roadside assistance** to make sure you’re always covered.

1. Perk

2 years free servicing*** so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your car.

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16 Jan


Taking the new driving test?

It’s been over a month since the introduction and implementation of the new driving test, which has promised to be more comparable to real driving conditions, and ‘designed to make sure new drivers have the skills they’ll need to help them through a lifetime of safe driving.’ However, despite the reassurances of the DVSA (Drivers and Vehicles Standards Agency), having your driving test is one of the most stressful and nerve-wracking experiences one will experience. Add a pinch of uncertainty and suddenly the new test seems that little bit more daunting. But as said, a month has passed, any kinks in the new test have been ironed out, and driving instructors and examiners are certainly getting into the flow of how the new test works. I recently took the new driving test, and was actually pleasantly surprised how easy and adaptable it was, it was nowhere near as hard as the newspapers had been making it out to be.

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