Converting Electric Car Drivers: Mission Complete

March 20, 2015



The My Electric Avenue trial has been successful in converting people simply interested in electric driving to fully-fledged electric car drivers! The ‘My Electric Avenue’ project was created to examine if local electricity networks could cope with charging multiple electric vehicles at peak times. The project originally required ten groups of ten neighbours to all lease a 100% electric Nissan LEAF for an 18 month period, however there are now over 200 participants in the trial taking on electric driving.

A community in the North East is especially involved in the campaign, with 23 neighbours driving a LEAF with the youngest driver being just 21 years old, showing that the LEAF will cater to the needs of drivers of all ages!

It appears it’s not just participants in the trial who have been converted to the electric driving LEAF style, as its sales doubled last year as drivers become more and more aware of the benefits of going green on the road.

Would you like to be converted too? Simply contact your local West Way dealership or visit our website where you  can find out all you need to know about electric driving and Nissan’s family of electric driving: