Customer Cars Go 100% Electric

August 21, 2013

Some shiny new Nissan LEAFs have just arrived at all 12 of our West Way dealerships and they’re ready to hit the road as our Courtesy cars! West Way Customers who bring their car in for a service or an MOT at one of our dealerships can experience electric driving first hand and get a feel for going green.

The 100% electric LEAF has received a great deal of praise and recognition since joining the Nissan family, winning the World Car of the Year in 2011, and now we’re giving our customers the chance to see just why it deserves that title.

Customers will be able to see how an electric vehicle can adapt to their lifestyle and enjoy the perks of going green, from the zero emissions, to the quiet engine and the automatic transmission. Should our customers enjoy driving the LEAF so much that they need to charge the battery whilst on the go, then they will be able to charge at any of our dealerships or test out the rapid chargers that are becoming increasingly available at local supermarkets, petrol stations and along main routes, which makes driving an electric vehicle even simpler.

As well as being able to appreciate electric driving, customers will also be lucky enough to enjoy the features of the new model LEAF which is spacious, has innovative technology and an increased driving range.

We’re sure that our customers will enjoy getting a feel for going green on the road and experiencing the Nissan LEAF, and when they hand it back we hope they’ll be just as in love with it as we are!

Keep your eye out for our West Way branded LEAFs driving around near you!

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