Facebook Here We Come…

June 20, 2012

The new West Way Nissan Facebook page is now live! Allowing all our fans to take part in competitions and read in on all sorts of new reports! If you don’t like us on Facebook then you need to, because the West Way wall is the place to be.

From up to date car reviews to live questions and answers with Nissan technicians, the Facebook page will be packed with information to ensure your car stays in perfect condition.

Also on our new Facebook page will be ‘How to’ guides on everything from changing your oil to checking tyre tread, whilst revealing what’s financially best for you – really what more could you ask for? We are even adding tips on driving in poor weather conditions, including what to do to keep safe on the roads.

We are going to be doing loads of fun stuff from competitions to giveaways and posting some cool and funny Nissan videos, from hilarious Nissan car ads to Nissan car reviews.

The Facebook page is now live so what are you waiting for? Visit www.facebook.com/westwaynissan




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