Four Reasons To Embrace The Future: Electric

February 27, 2015

One Hundred and fifty years ago, Electric Vehicles will have seemed like something out of a Sci-Fi comic. With the recent announcement of driver-less cars and Electric Vehicles becoming more and more popular on our roads, it’s about time we all realised: We’re in the future.

EV Old pic

A retro comic strip depicts how we though electric vehicles would look…

We’ve compiled four of the best reasons to switch to the Future: Electric Vehicles…

1. Finished with Fuel

Although fuel prices have dropped significantly over recent months, the market is still hugely unstable and prices fluctuate all too often for the average driver. Current issues surrounding the environment and global warming stresses the importance of relying less on fuel and more on renewable energy sources. A happy purse + a happy planet = Happy driving.
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 2. Daily Driving

The average driver doesn’t actually drive all that much – with most people only using their vehicle for commuting and small trips here and there and 70% of journeys in the UK are less than 50km. Even if a full tank would cover the span of the UK in a conventionally powered car, an Electric Vehicle would suffice to cover your daily commute and trips to the supermarket twice over.

3. Sweet Silence

Believe it or not, the world hasn’t always been this loud. Noise pollution is a growing problem and a secret destroyer – harming the natural balance of human and animal life. If you’ve ever driven an Electric Vehicle you’ll have been surprised at how quiet they are, smooth silent drives are the way of the future and we can’t wait.

4. Minimum Upkeep

We’re definitely not saying that your Electric Vehicle can be left on your drive for years without so much as a health check – but servicing needs are heavily reduced with an EV. Other than changing the interior air filter and checking things like tyres and brakes for wear, there’s nothing to do. No oil changes, no cam-belt, no spark plugs. Reducing the overall cost of ownership and saving you cash as you go.

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