Go Ultra Low and choose electric this year

January 24, 2018

New Year, New You? So, you’ve got your usual list of New Year’s resolutions; be healthier, save money and do more for the environment. All three of which are worth pursuing – whilst we may not be able to help with the first; we might just be able to help with the next two.

Perhaps this is the year you decide to jump into the future and make that switch, that people often think about, but aren’t quite sure about committing to. No, we’re not talking about trading the cakes for shakes (who doesn’t love cake?). We’re talking about making the change to the electric side of driving.

We understand that changing to the electric side of driving is a big step; one which we all need to consider eventually and you may have many questions unanswered. Go Ultra Low is a dedicated electric driving website which answers your questions, allows you to work out cost savings and see what electric vehicle owners think. Visit Go Ultra Low by clicking here.

The new Nissan LEAF: the most advanced electric vehicle for the masses

Why Change? Go Ultra Low has the answers

Let’s talk cutting costs and saving money. Say good bye to petrol and diesel receipts and open your arms to Government grants of up to £4,500 for switching to 100% pure electric vehicles. Maintenance is also comparatively lower to a vehicle which carries an internal combustion engine; with fewer moving parts, servicing is simpler; all of which means you could save yourself money.

So, cheaper running costs and the ability to travel further on a single charge. Did we miss that bit out? The New 2018 Nissan LEAF now has a range of up to *235 miles between charges and with an upgraded 40kWh battery providing plenty of punch as well as practicality, the New LEAF will revolutionise performance in electric driving. You can compare the range of the New LEAF against other vehicles by visiting the Go Ultra Low Website

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Prepare your senses for a new experience

The New LEAF embodies the future and is the icon of Intelligent Mobility and sustainability. What if we told you, you could accelerate and brake with one pedal in one smooth motion. Features like e-Pedal, ProPilot, Pedestrian Detection and Intelligent Lane Intervention will transform the way you drive, with smarter technology and more control than ever. See how the ingenious technology of The LEAF stacks up against other models by visiting Go Ultra Low

The UK will be switching to a more renewable and nuclear electricity generation. Recognising the future of our planet is becoming increasingly important, and electric vehicles produce substantially lower greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel cars. Increasing infrastructure and investment will see further development on over 12,000 UK charging points allowing you to feel confident in your New LEAF. Still not convinced? Just take a look at all of the charging points in the UK below…

charging point map

New Year, New Design

You’re looking at an almost entirely new design. A fresh, sleek look is aesthetically pleasing on the eye with sharp lines and a dynamic front end making the LEAF as exhilarating to look at as it is to drive. It features a unique multidimensional translucent blue grille and a signature floating roof, offering a real sense of refinement. Impressive, eh?

Here’s to an electric New Year…

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