Handling the MY17 GT-R – Nissan’s New Supercar

August 26, 2016

Unveiled at the New York International Auto Show and then showcased at our High Performance Centres earlier this year, the MY17 Nissan GT-Rhas been redesigned and revamped with the most significant changes since 2007. This supercar’s regeneration includes new major features and an exciting new look producing the ultimate driving experience. With a top speed of 196mph, 570PS horse power and a new titanium exhaust system – it’s a driver’s car and it’s all about the driving.

But the changes to Nissan’s high performance car don’t end there. The interior has also received a transformation with relaxation and style at the emphasis. The new user-friendly approach sees 16 fewer switches, compared to its predecessor the MY16 GT-R, making the electrical systems in the vehicle easy to navigate. The gear shift has also been simplified allowing you to shift via paddles positioned on the steering wheel. This allows no fuss and the 8inch touch screen to be the focus. Beside the high-end leather dashboard and instrumental panel, there are several interior options creating a luxurious appearance where comfort isn’t sacrificed.

The MY17 GT-R has been redeveloped but the iconic features and are still at the core of Nissan’s sports car with its rear circular light clusters. But the wider rear body work and ‘v-motion’ grill makes for a domineering look and creates the appearance of a pure-bred race car. Combine this with 20inch Y-Spoke alloy wheels and the new Katsura Orange paint it’s a commanding presence on the road. This high performance car reduces drag, improves airflow and cooling, making it safe on the road but never a dull drive.

Our High Performance Centres were the first in the country to have the MY17 GT-R with orders already being placed. If you’re looking for comfort and power call  our High Performance Centres which are ;Aldershot, Manchester or Mill Hill to see the MY17 GT-R in person.