Most Common Driving Test Mistakes

April 17, 2015

driving test

Figures have revealed that only around half of UK learner drivers pass their test first time round. This can be dependent on the difficulty of roads in specific areas of the country, the volume of traffic as well as the affluence of the area with some learners able to afford more lessons than others before taking their test.

To help ensure your nerves don’t get the better of you, here are some of the most common driving mistakes made so you can make a conscious effort to stay focussed and pass first time round!

Failure to check blind spots

Always check your blind spots when you are coming to a halt and pulling away. Be sure to take extra caution when moving into a parking spot and visibly move your head so that the instructor is aware you are checking for oncoming vehicles.

Bad observation at junctions

Many people make the mistake of panicking when they drive up to a junction, which can cause them to pull out at the incorrect time or even stall their vehicle. Before exiting a junction, take time to look both ways and ensure your car has the correct moment to turn out.

Poor positioning on the road

Driving instructors consider poor positioning on roads as a serious fault, so it’s important to concentrate when driving around a busy roundabout or junction. Think carefully before you do anything drastic to avoid getting caught up in a position that will cause you to panic.

Incorrect signal use

This is a common mistake that many can get wrong, so it’s important to get into the habit of using your indicator at accurate times to ensure you don’t mislead any oncoming traffic.

Applying the correct speed

Speed is an essential element in a driving test and maintaining the correct level of speed throughout is vital to ensure you don’t get caught out for going too fast or too slow. Pay attention to speed signs and keep an eye on the speedometer to maintain the right speed at all times.

Once you have passed the test, the next exciting step will be purchasing your first car. The Nissan Micra is an ideal first car and offers good driveability for new drivers.

Good luck for your test!