Nissan GT-R – Refined, Enhanced

March 27, 2017

MY17 Nissan GT-R


Year: 2017

Engine: Twin-Turbo V6

Horsepower @ RPM: 565

Torque @ RPM: 467

Displacement: 3.8L

0-60: 2.9 sec.

Top Speed: 196mph.

The New 2017 GT-R was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in March 2016, highlighted by an exciting new look both inside and out, as well as major driving-performance enhancements and key new features. They represent the most significant changes made to the model since it was introduced in 2007.

Some have said it is quite hard to spot the subtle body changes. However, most of the GT-R’s body panels have been tweaked – including a new hood, new vents near the enormous exhaust tips and a higher beltline to name just a few. These refined changes have resulted in an even sportier and sharper looking supercar.


MY17 Nissan GT-R Interior

Nissan have used lighter materials throughout the interior, as well as fitting more comfortable, premium leather seats. They’re not the only changes though, a larger touchscreen display has been installed which has reduced the dashboard button count by over half, contributing to an even more modern and sleek look.


MY17 Nissan GT-R Engine

With 20bhp more than its predecessor, the MY17 Nissan GT-R reaches 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 196mph. There’s also 4 lb-ft more of torque from its 3.8 litre twin-turbo V6 engine, making the GT-R a majestic supercar. However, although there is more horsepower, the car is a lot quieter and more comfortable to drive as the mechanic sounds of the drivetrain have been tamped thanks to new sound deadening. Making your drives a lot smoother than with previous models. Don’t worry though, the distinctive roar of the engine is still there, albeit a little quieter.


MY17 Nissan GT-R

With all these fantastic updates and changes to the Nissan GT-R, we caught up with Jonathan Boswell – GT-R Specialist at our West Way Manchester Dealership. Here’s what he thought of the 2017 GT-R: “The previous model was excellent so I was amazed at how Nissan managed to make such significant improvements. The new GT-R has a truly premium feel to the interior whilst the exterior styling has been made more aggressive and aerodynamic – a great sports car.”

He added  “Key features of the new car include: a new valve activated exhaust system, high quality leather seats, 20 inch Rays Y Spoke Forged Alloy Wheels and a rotary control for the interior touch screen. These improvements make the new GT-R a unique super car whilst delivering great value for money. A must buy!”

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