Nissan joins the Electric Highway

October 9, 2012

The development of the UK’s first electric highway got a boost after Nissan installed three new charging points. The new rapid chargers are situated on Ecotricity’s ‘Electric Highway’ charging network along the route between Birmingham and London.

This means electric car owners can charge their cars up to 80% of battery capacity in just 30 minutes, ideal for those making a quick service stop during a long motorway journey. The easy to use chargers are situated in designated parking bays at Welcome Break motorway services in South Mimms (M25/A1), Oxford (M40) and Hopwood Park (M42).

Electric vehicles can be left unattended while charging, which means drivers can take a break and relax while their car ‘refuels’. At a time where petrol prices are rising, charging won’t just be convenient, but free too! The free electricity is provided from wind power by Ecotricity.

Nissan Managing Director Jim Wright said ‘Many drivers would love to experience the convenience and cost saving benefits of a 100% electric vehicle such as the Nissan LEAF. But some still worry about the occasional journey which may be beyond the 109 mile range’

‘By introducing fast charging infrastructure at strategic motorway service stations, Nissan and Ecotricity are removing that worry and making EVs practical to a whole new selection of buyers.’

So far, the Ecotricity charging stations are free, users just need to register for a free swipe card simply by visiting Ecotricity’s website. The rapid charge facility is also available at our dealerships in Aldershot, Birmingham, Manchester, Oxford, Stourbridge, Stockport and Southampton.

The 100% electric Nissan LEAF