Nissan Juke – Built to Thrill

April 17, 2012

The new Nissan Juke TV advert, which premiered for the first time on Friday 6th of April over the Easter period, has had a great response.

The advert shows a man skydiving while a Nissan Juke is being assembled around him by skydivers while falling from 30,000 feet. The Juke then ends up doing jumps on a stunt bike course and travels underwater while still being assembles by stunt bikers and divers!

The advert was directed by Lieven Van Baelen who is well known for his short European pictures and other automotive adverts including some for Renault.

If you wish to see the advert please see below. Alternatively if you’re looking for some great deals on the Nissan Juke please follow the link.

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