Nissan Juke, Ministry of Sound

August 22, 2012

Yet again Nissan have released another special edition model for the ever popular Nissan Juke. Nissan have partnered the Ministry of Sound to create a special edition Nissan Juke.

The Nissan Juke – Ministry of Sound is in limited production and is only available in metallic black or solid white. The Juke comes loaded with a music pack which features an 8GB iPod Touch full to the brim with Ministry of Sound music and video content. It also has a special cradle for the iPod which allows you to play your music via the iPod out of the cars stereo and to top it all off its finished with a sleek black and white trim.

Nissan have estimated approximately 250 will be produced for the UK market and the Ministry of Sound model is set to be officially announced at the upcoming Moscow International Motor Show.

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