Nissan Leaf Glows in the Dark

February 20, 2015

Nissan has once again made history by becoming the first major car manufacturer to apply glow-in-the-dark paint to a car, with the Leaf EV chosen as the first model to unveil the new innovative UV-absorbing paint.

glow leaf 2

Day and night UV painted Nissan Leaf

 This newest venture follows the increase in the number of all-electric model owners installing solar panels at home in order to charge their cars for free. The spray-on paint’s glowing finish was created by inventor Hamish Scott, who developed its unique ability to absorb UV rays during the day before coming alive at night.

 The secret formula is made up of mostly organic materials, including a rare natural product called Strontium Aluminate. Scott is also the name behind the STARPATH glow-in-the-dark spray on coating used on footpaths and roads.

 Whilst UV car wraps are currently available on the market, this is the first time that the external layer of paint has been given the treatment by a top brand car-maker. It is however yet to be confirmed whether the paint finish will in fact be offered as an optional extra to car buyers when purchasing the electric model. Should it become commercially available, the paint will keep its glow for up to 10 hours and will last for up to 25 years.

glow leaf

A glowing example of the Nissan Leaf

 Watch the video here to see the paint in action!

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