Nissan’s New 100% Electric LEAF Goes Further Than Ever

November 4, 2015

Nissan isn’t new to Electric vehicles; in fact, they’ve been building EVs since 2010! So, they have had some time to improve on the already Best Selling electric car – the Nissan LEAF. The newest innovative improvements on the car mean that you can travel further, save more, all whilst pouring out a total of zero emissions!

What’s new?

The MY16 LEAF has a brand-spanking new battery that can hold even more power, meaning that you can now travel further. The 30kw battery, which is a 6kw increase from its predecessor, can travel up to 155 miles in a single charge! The new Nissan LEAF will always give you a range of 155 miles from a full charge, but just like regularly fuelled vehicles there are ways to make sure you’re reaching the maximum range and there are driving styles that will decrease the car’s range too.

Our top tips on getting the most out of the new LEAF are…

  • Set a moderate interior temperature.
  • Pre-heating the LEAF whilst it’s finishing off its charge – this will use power from the mains rather than the car’s battery.
  • Driving at slower, more constant speeds and increase your speed steadily.
  • Driving in ECO or B Mode.
  • Air-con will use the most of your battery’s energy.

It’s not just the battery that has been improved, many other features have been tweaked with innovation too; the original CARWINGS technology has been replaced with NissanConnect EV Infotainment System on higher grade models including a 7” touch-screen display, the Arial is now roof mounted and a brand new colour has been announced – Bronze.

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