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31 Oct


Don’t worry, be healthy with West Way’s Free Winter Health Check!

When was the last time your car had a check-up? Scrap that when was the last time your car had a free check-up?

We believe it’s important to ensure your car is running to its full potential especially during the winter months when the roads are at their most dangerous.

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23 Dec


Driving Tips: Keep Safe Over The Christmas Season

Driving around the Christmas season can be stressful with unexpected weather, people rushing frantically and many travelling long distances to spend with their family and friends. To help ensure you spend more time with your loved ones and less time on the road, we have put together some driving tips to help you travel more safely and efficiently.

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13 Nov


Are you ready for Winter?

Winter is considered one of  the most dangerous driving conditions throughout the year for new and experienced drivers. Winter tyres have to offer consistently high degree of safety when it’s dry, when temperatures are low and when streets are icy and snowed in. By fitting special winter tyres, your vehicle is much better prepared to deal with ice and heavy rainfall, giving you better grip, shorter stopping distances and peace of mind.


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