The Big Nissan Savers Event – Bigger Savings, Better Value

February 8, 2018

It’s here! It’s bigger than ever! It’s the Big Nissan Savers Event! And, if all that hype wasn’t enough to get you excited, then maybe a little insight into our savings, might spark your interest from cool curiosity to burning desire to find out more.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase, you could save over £5000! No, that’s not a mistake, I haven’t accidentally hit the ‘0’ key too many times!  Yes, £5000!  The equivalent of 7 correctly answered questions on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire?’  (And we all know how hard that game show is).

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This all seems to be too good to be true?  What’s the catch? And what actually is a ‘nearly new’ car?   We can hear you asking.

Importantly, we all recognise that undeniably luxurious new car smell, and occasionally the not so luxurious used car smell depending on the previous owner, well we’ll let you into a little secret…

When you buy a nearly new car from West Way Nissan, you will still have that new car smell.

But wait? How’s that possible? A Nissan Nearly New Car is a brand-new car in all but name. To quote the RAC a nearly new car ‘gives you the chance to drive away in something new for the price of a used motor.’ Cor Blimey! Where do I sign up? Well this is where West Way make it even easier. Being the UK’s largest Nissan Dealer Group, we have 15 dealerships located across the country, allowing you to visit and see the offers first hand.

The new shape Nissan X-trail 1.6 DCI Tekna Xtronic offers incredible savings of £5,765 or 16%! Plus, with it being a Tekna model, our top end model, you have access to everything our X-trail has to offer. From heated front and rear seats to Nissan’s Safety Shield, plus technology guaranteeing a fun and exciting journey, but most importantly one which is safe for you and any precious passengers.


But perhaps you’re a city-slicker, a young executive in the metropolis or maybe the pull of the city is too strong and you’ve decided to become an urban dweller. A large car is no longer ideal or practical. You need something nippy, small and stylish to suit you as a person.

Perhaps, you need… an icon, a classic, A NISSAN MICRA! We are offering savings on the classic Micra design. You could be saving £3,110 on a 17 plate 1.2 Micra Acenta. Impressive, just like the car. The Acenta is packed with features such as cruise control, Bluetooth phone interface and electric door mirrors. This car is really one which gives you a lot of a value for money.


Or perhaps, the British built best-selling car worldwide…the Qashqai. The nearly new, New Shape Nissan Qashqai is enjoying large savings and even larger spec options. The 1.2 Dig-T Tekna Xtronic has a saving of £4,680! Fantastic, Incredible, Amazing, however you describe the saving there is one thing we can all agree on…it’s a bargain. With a collection of advanced technology enabling to access your music on the move and your Facebook newsfeed and twitter while stationary. This is a car which gives you the power to connect at your fingertips. Your 7” display also doubles up as your intelligent Around View Monitor, providing you with a 360-degree view when parking. So good bye to a cricked neck and a scuffed alloy. it’s also filled with high-end spec to make your journey as comfortable as possible. For example, electrically adjustable drivers seat and dual zone climate control.

The new Nissan Qashqai

With all these amazing options and savings available you really are spoilt for choice. So why not visit your nearest West Way Dealership today and drive away in your dream vehicle, with even dreamier prices, or visit to find out more or visit the dedicated pages: