The New Nissan Juke is Set to Redefine Crossover Design

May 28, 2014

The eagerly anticipated 2014 Nissan Juke is ready for launch next month, combining Sport & SUV.

Nissan prides itself on giving customers what they really want, enhancements they actually give value and a whole host of personalisation options – and this time is no different! Although the design team have made significant changes, they have protected all the fundamentals that keep the Juke miles ahead to ensure that everything we love about the crossover remains.

Image isnt everything but let’s face it, everyone likes to drive in style!

new juke

Adopting the carmaker’s “boomerrang” style shape lamps, the front lights are also bi-intensity LED’s, improving visibility and lifespan. A V-shaped grill with a toughened bumper trim has been introduced to give the model a new energetic presence on the road to emphasise its Sport & SUV killer combination.

The Juke’s interior expands the design revolution. A completely re-crafted boot, with a two-stage floor means even more can be thrown inside! An open air sunroof keeps you cool in the summer, with the Nissan Connect leading the way in accurate SatNav technology through connecting your complete life with the car. Make the most of your smartphone through downloading Nissan Connect Apps, helping you find the way with user friendly technology.

There is further choice between the new DIG-T 115 (190 Nm of torque) or the DIG-T 190, both mastering high performance comfortably for you and the car. Stand out from the crowd by personalising the subtle touches, including wheel trims, interior fabrics and colours. With paints ranging from Sunlight Yellow to Flame Red, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The new model aims to fully fuse the finesse of Sport with the might of SUV and does so effortlessley. Attention to detail is paramount to the design and that is why choice of customised interiors is valued so highly by the Nissan team. Sport seats, leather trimmed doors and coloured stitching are all up to you. Just remember to tastefully colour code!