The Nissan Micra Review – My Ideal First Car

January 20, 2017

So your learning how to drive or you’ve just passed and unsure what car to get yourself on the road with?

You need something affordable, with cheap insurance and trendy looking. We have a full range of model from City cars, crossovers, sports cars and even 100% electric. So out of all of the Nissans available what to choose? A new Micra of course, it’s an excellent small hatchback.

A real person, a real test drive, a real review.

“It handles well and easy to drive.  It’s a smooth ride and the seats are  extremely comfortable  which makes all the difference, the driver’s seat even has a arm rest for those long distance journeys and I particularly like the higher driving position so I can see over the steering wheel.

Cruise control a great help so is the speed limiter so I can ensure I will never go over the lawful speed of the road  – No more tickets for me!!

Amazed at the amount of headroom and width. It’s more spacious than I thought and it has plenty of leg room both in the front

It is so small  and compact parking is so simple, so surprised at the small parking spaces I’ve managed to get into.

Overall I’d say it has a zingy performance, chic looks, easy to drive,  very economical and most of all a fun car !”

- Tian, Social Media Executive, UK

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