West Midlands Police get charged!

May 22, 2013

The West Midlands Police have just placed the UK’s largest ever corporate order for the Nissan LEAF!

30 vehicles have been ordered to be used as ‘Diary’ cars across 10 Local Policing Units. The Diary cars will be used to attend pre-arranged meetings with locals and victims of crime.

To fully recharge this 100% Electric Vehicle, it costs a mere £1.75, making it the perfect choice for this role. Bearing in mind the Police can clock up an average of 45 miles a day in these Diary Cars, by changing to the Nissan LEAF the West Midlands Police will significantly reduce their vehicle running costs and carbon footprint.

What’s more, as the LEAF is such a head turner, locals are sure to be alerted to the Police presence in the area!

The brand new Nissan LEAF has received more than 100 updates following feedback received from first generation LEAF owners. Improvements include the increased range of 123 miles (compared to the previous 109) and modifications to the front grille which help to reduce aerodynamic drag. The charger has been moved from the back of the car to under the bonnet, increasing the boot capacity to a roomy 370 litres. Also, an LED inspection light has also been added to the charging port so that drivers can see what they are doing when charging their LEAF at night.

The LEAF is now available in the Visia, Acenta and Tekna trims offering buyers plenty of choice. Contact us now for more information and to arrange a test drive!