West Way helps Leaf Owners to Silverstone

November 27, 2012

Over 200 Leaf Owners gathered at Silverstone on 24th November to smash a world record for the longest convoy of electric vehicles. Nissan entered the record books by managing to squeeze 225 Leafs in a moving line with the previous Guinness World Record attempt at 218.

A big well done to all Leaf Owners involved at this iconic event especially to Andy Thomas and Michael Downes for letting us know about their experience at West Way Stockport en route to the event…

“I wanted to drop you a quick line to say how very impressed we were at the friendly, great service and general welcome we got when we used your fast charger whilst heading to the Nissan Leaf event at Silverstone over the weekend.

We arrived late on Friday evening. Unfortunately your fast charger tripped but the sales executive on duty, Gareth Davies went above and beyond in order to try and fix things for us. He even managed to call out Stuart Whitaker (Vehicle Technician) who kindly gave up his time on a Friday night to come back to the dealership to fix the charger, enabling us to get back on the road.

It’s all too easy to complain about customer service these days, but when someone gets it right, as you did on Friday I believe it should be recognised. It would have been all too easy to say “sorry there’s not a lot we can do its 9pm on a Friday night ” but Gareth was determined to help us, and made us feel incredibly welcome as he and Stuart worked together to fix the problem.

We returned on Sunday and we were treated with the same warm welcome – this time the fast charger behaved! So thank you for your hospitality and superb customer service.”

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