West Way’s Spring Service Offer

May 2, 2018

With summer right around the corner, and winter long forgotten…wishful thinking aside, it’s important to keep your car in tip-top condition for whatever season it is. That’s why West Way Nissan is offering you a spring service offer. Because at West Way, we pride ourselves on quality in every detail.

122486 Spring Health Check

To ensure your vehicle is operating at it’s best, it needs to have regular vehicle health checks to ensure that any wear and tear is repaired, any fluids are filled, and your car is squeaky clean.

For peace of mind, our highly qualified Master Technicians are available to explain each step of the inspection, so you know what’s happening and what needs to happen.

At West Way Nissan our eVision system creates complete transparency as to what is occurring in the health check. The technician will identify any problems or concerns with your vehicle, film it, and then advise you on any work that needs to be completed with a simple, jargon-free commentary. This video will then be emailed to you and after watching you can decide on what work you want to have carried out.

The Spring Health check inspects all your vehicles key components such as tyre tread, fluid levels, brakes, lights, clutch and much more, so you know your car won’t let you down.

With it getting warmer (hopefully), the last thing you want is to be getting hot under the collar, as your car’s air conditioning lets you down. That’s why West Way Nissan is offering an Air Conditioning Re-Gas from just £59.

122486 Air Con Re-Gas 410x209px

Having your air conditioning checked is important for not just keeping you cool but also healthy. A clean and effective air conditioning system won’t have a build up of bacteria, meaning you stay healthy and no unpleasant odours. Plus, as each year passes your air conditioning system will lose gas and this will mean it becomes less and less efficient, which will increase your fuel consumption.

So, while you’re booking your car in for a spring health check spare a thought for your air conditioning too.

Find out more about the spring health check here – http://www.westwaynissan.co.uk/health-check and about the air conditioning re-gas here – http://www.westwaynissan.co.uk/air-con-re-gas