What to do, should the worst happen

April 24, 2018

Accidents are sadly an eventuality of life and when they do happen Nissan Accident Support is here for you. Nissan Accident Support is a free 24-hour service available to ANY Nissan Customer in the event of an accident. It’s just one of the many ways we like to show you how we care.

Micra Crash

If you are involved inan accident the first thing to do is make sure you call an ambulance if you suspect anybody needs urgent medical treatment and call the police if there is damage to the road, you feel threatened or if someone leaves the scene without exchanging details. This is just an idea, make sure you always use common sense when assessing a situation.

Always call the Nissan Accident Support line before speaking to your insurer. The reason for this is because most UK insurers want to minimise costs and therefore want to repair your car as cheaply as possible and this is not always the best course of action. Most times they will take it to the workshop that suits them, and this might not always be what is in your best interests.

The repair centre may not operate to the latest Nissan repair standards, have the technical knowledge of a Nissan Master Technician or have the certified high quality approved parts. By contacting Nissan Accident Support, they will provide you with the best advice and support and arrange for your vehicle to be recovered if it needs to be, and also arrange for repairs to be conducted at a Nissan Approved Bodyshop. Using genuine approved Nissan parts gives you the peace of mind and assurance that your car has retained its Euro NCAP safety rating.

What makes this even better is that all work carried out carries a three-year guarantee and you’ll also be on the road in no time with the best possible service.

If you are involved in accident follow these simple steps to ensure you can get the situation rectified as soon as possible:

Accident Checklist

However, if your car is sadly written off, you can always visit West Way Nissan where you can great savings and customer service.