The New Nissan e-NV200

Nissan e-NV200

Earlier this year the final version of the e-NV200 electric van was premiered at the Geneva Motor Show. The new re-designed model of the popular NV200 is powered in a very similar way to that of the LEAF with a combination of all electric and battery powered drive.  The changes from its predecessor include a re-engineered chassis, a new battery pack, higher capacity regenerative braking and various interior revisions.

The new electric van has a range of 120 miles and with there being around 5,000 rapid, fast and slow charging points around the UK finding a place to charge the e-NV200 won’t be hard!  You will be able to charge your battery from 0-80% within 30 minutes at any of the 200 Nissan rapid chargers across the UK, 90% of which can be found at motorway service stations, all IKEA stores and 11 of our West Way dealerships. Even better, the 11 rapid chargers at our dealerships are all free to use!

The e-NV200 also comes with a host of great technology; the Eco mode reduces the power consumption to the air conditioning and also softens the acceleration, saving you a great amount of energy.   The Eco Routing allows you to plan the most energy efficient route to your destination, all you have to do is set your desired parameters and the Eco routing will take care of the rest!

With all of these features and with the already tried and tested electric batteries which have excelled in the Nissan LEAF, the e-NV200 looks like it will be a big hit with our West Way customers! For more information and details on a launch date keep your eye out on our website.

Nissan e-NV200


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