Have You Thought About Going Electric?

If you've ever considered changing over to an 100% electric vehicle then here at West Way Nissan we have the LEAF and e-NV200. Both vehicles are seriously good to drive, with no engine noise, no vibration and no gears it makes all sorts of driving a breeze. With a network of 7000* chargers throughout the UK, and growing each week, it is becoming even easier to charge up your LEAF wherever you are.

There are even more benefits of going electric with Nissan, here are just a few:

• Zero Tax
Zero Emissions whilst driving
• Up to 155 mile range on the Nissan LEAF
• 106 mile range on the Nissan e-NV200
• No engine noise and no vibration
• Low running costs (2p per mile)
• Easy to drive - no gears
• A network of over 7000* chargers throughout the UK

Don't just take our word for it, arrange a test drive today to find out for yourself. Just fill out the form below and a sales executive will be in touch. Alternatively call one of your local dealership! If you would like further information take a look out our FAQ page and our charging page.

The Workplace Promotion Programme

West Way Nissan is using the Government-backed Work Place Promotion Programme to further enhance the popularity of the 100% Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 Van. The scheme is designed to boost business by giving businesses a level 2 discount; which is up to 22% off any brand new electric vehicle!

The scheme is designed to give businesses the opportunity to see how switching to electric will benefit their business. By investing in an electric vehicle or fleet, savings to business can add up to over £5000* in comparison to businesses that use regularly fuelled vehicles.

West Way Nissan can come to your Business at a time convenient to you; we'll bring some of our 100% Electric Cars along with us, as well as tons of information about EVs. You and your employees can then browse the vehicles features, take test drives and ask questions in an informal and relaxed environment.


*Charging points as of 17th October 2014 according to Zap Map