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The exciting new spacious Note is available at West Way, and we offer this model with the cheapest leasing deals you’ll find out there. This model is a very popular city car in the UK, and is capable of tackling any tight street. This stylish compact car is eco-friendly, and contains the best luxury features inside to make you and your family's driving experience as fun and comfortable as it can be.

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This thoughtfully designed car is available with a variety of different payment options, including low advance payments, low deposits, one-off final payments, full and non-maintenance payments. You can choose out of these which is the best payment option for you and your budget so you can spread the cost of ownership in an affordable and practical way. Our low cost city car lease and finance deals offer our customers ultimate flexibility, and as we’re the UK’s largest official Nissan Dealer with 14 branches, our deals are the best and cheapest you’ll find. Please see below for an explanation of these different leasing options. 

Note Contract Hire

A popular financing option is Contract Hire. This option includes fixed monthly rentals, while avoiding the financial risks and factors that come with owning a vehicle. You basically “rent” the Note for a time period you choose, between 1 to 4 years, with an outset fixed cost each month. Note Contract Hire is an extremely popular choice with businesses, and it's also a great option if you're a private individual wanting a new compact city car.

Here’s how it works:
1. Flexible terms to suit your requirements over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
2. Variable mileage terms.
3. Full maintenance of vehicles can be included at an additional cost in monthly rentals so you have no large unexpected bills to worry about.
4. Choose your deposit from either one month’s rental in advance or up to 50% of the vehicle cost.
5. Monthly rentals are subject to VAT (VAT is recoverable in whole or part for VAT registered businesses).
6. You don’t need to pay road fund licence, it is included in the monthly rental.
7. Simply hand the Note back at the end of the contract and we will even collect it from you.

Business or Private Note Lease Deals

Leasing the Note is an ideal option for businesses, who are not currently VAT registered. We also highly recommend it for private individuals who are wanting an affordable way to have this car. You get to choose the size of the deposit/advance payment, and the term of ownership which can range from 12 to 60 months. The monthly payments can be tailored to you and your budget, and at the end of the contract you can decide to keep the Note and pay off the balance, or return it back to us - we can even pick it up for you.

For businesses this option offers you with the ownership of a Note, minus the need of a large cash deposit. The monthly payments are usually much lower than standard Hire Purchase deals and often the qualification required is much easier.

Here’s how it works:
1. Select the deposit that you are comfortable to pay.
2. Decide on a repayment term, either 1 or up to 5 years.
3. Think about the likely average mileage you are expecting to do in a year.
4. We’ll then work out a monthly cost which can be adjusted to suit your budget.
5. If you’re a business you can claim part of the VAT that these monthly payments attract.
6. The Note is owned by you therefore as a business it becomes an asset in your accounts.

We make every effort to accurately describe the vehicle but mistakes can happen and some information does come from third parties. Customers are advised to check all specifications with our dealership staff to ensure that the car is accurately described.