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Leasing Nissan Navara Results

New Nissan NAVARA

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The all-new Nissan Navara 4x4, this pickup truck is a sturdy, resilient, strong and refined vehicle, all the qualities you’d be looking for in a works van. This tough and practical truck is available from West Way through a number of purchase plans, Business Leasing and Contract Hire are both options. Available in a king or double cab, a powerful and efficient  2.3-litre diesel engine, a load length of up to 1750mm and an outstanding combination of space and comfort it really goes above and beyond. Versatility is key, with features like two hidden storage bins for tools really making the Navara stand out. It’s a tough and practical work truck with the refinement of a crossover. Perfectly balanced.   

Navara Leasing Details

Here at West Way, we have some pretty good leasing options for the Nissan Navara. These include low advance payments, one off final payment, full and non-maintenance. These details are here to help you purchase and pay for the Navara in a way that suits you, making it both affordable and practical. Below, we’ve got some more details about the Navara leasing options.

Navara Contract Hire

Contract hire is one of the most popular methods of finance, you effectively lease the car through mixed monthly payment and in doing so avoid the financial risks of owning a car. This time of effectively ‘renting’ the car is between 1 and 4 years, the monthly costs dependent on time, contract hire is a great option for businesses but it’s also an ideal setup for an individual to have a look at.

Here's how it works:

  1. Flexible terms to suit your timescale requirements with options of 24, 36, 48 or 60 months of leasing time.

  2. Variable mileage terms to suit your travel and use

  3. Full maintenance of the Navara can be included in the rental, which will help you avoid any large unexpected spends should anything need fixing.

  4. You can also choose a deposit amount that suits you starting at one month's rental upfront up to 50% of the overall value of the vehicle.

  5. Though monthly rentals are subject to VAT it is recoverable in whole or in part for VAT registered businesses.

  6. Your Road Tax is included in the payments, though this may change following the 1st April VED changes, we’ll include some info about that below.

  7. At the end of the contract you simply hand the vehicle back, we can even collect it for you -easy!

  8. The Navara is not officially owned by a business, which is handy as it means there are no provisions required in your accounts.

Business or Private Navara Lease Deals

Navara Leasing is definitely a great option for those businesses who aren’t VAT registered and individuals. It is pretty similar to contract hire, you chooses the deposit amount, the lease time (12, 24, 48 months etc) which gives you the opportunity to tailor your monthly payments to suit you with the added bonus of either handing it back over at the end of the contract OR paying off the remainder and owning the vehicle. This means that the option of ownership is there without the massive cash deposit, the monthly payments are flexible and the qualification requirements make it much more accessible.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a deposit that suits your available finances

  2. Choose a repayment timescale that suits you from 1 to 4 years.

  3. Have a look at your expected mileage, how many miles will you be doing in a year?

  4. With the above elements decided West Way will work out what monthly costs could be and adjust to suit your budget.

  5. Businesses can claim back part of the VAT charges that the monthly payments incur.

  6. The Navara is owned by you and/or your business and is therefore considered an asset to your accounts.

We make every effort to accurately describe the vehicle but mistakes can happen and some information does come from third parties. Customers are advised to check all specifications with our dealership staff to ensure that the car is accurately described.