This coupe’s DNA has been around since the very first Nissan Z car, the 240z, built in 1970. The first model took the world by storm with its stunning looks, long sleek lines and the powerful 2.4litre motor producing a top speed of 125mph and a 0-60mph time of 8 seconds. Fast forward to today and the new 370z still has the basic formula of the original Z Nissan’s, as well as a 3.7litre V6 engine which produces a blistering 0-60mph time of 5.2 seconds with its 344bhp engine.

Exterior Features

The 370z is a good looking car! It’s been 40 years in the making and offers a distinctive look with its long low bonnet and sweeping moulded bodywork that wraps around to the distinctive rear hatch of this coupe. It takes a lot of its design and style from the very first 240z, incorporating key features such as the rear quarter window that contours around the rear wing.

Nissan Z cars use lighting to its advantage to accentuate its body lines. You’ll notice the aggressive looking shape on the front bi-xenon automatic headlights. As you cast your eyes lower you’ll spot the Z’s LED daytime running lights, the shape is based on the vertical door handle which is moulded into the front bumper. As you move to the rear lights you are presented with a shape that compliments the front headlights. Its distinctive shape really provides an uninterrupted body line across the rear of this coupe. And let’s not forget the distinctive ‘Z’ badge placed in the centre of the car on the front and rear.

370z Exterior Size Specifications

This coupe has a presence when on the road but isn’t an overpowering car to drive around narrow city streets or country lanes. You’ll be happy with the overall size at;

  • Height = 1315mm
  • Width = 1845mm
  • Length = 4265mm


Interior Features

The coupe interior fits the sporty car and is all about the driver. With 3 auxiliary dials positioned on the dashboard above the media/navigation screen pointing to the driver, you’re shown engine temperature, battery charge and time. These pods are a retro sporting touch to the original Z car. When sat inside the 370z you will notice the cockpit is driver focused.

It’s designed within 3 tiers; the first layer is the information layer, where all instruments are visible to the driver right in their eye line. The main dials can even be adjusted by moving the steering column up and down. You then have the operation layer, this is where all the functional elements come into play such as paddle shifters, switchgear and the 3 spoke leather steering wheel. Then you have the holding layer, this is the engulfing sports seats, knee pads on the door trim which are all in place to keep you firmly placed within your driving position as you enjoy the sports coupe’s performance.

Everything has a function within the 370z, Nissan hasn't added anything unnecessary. Once you're in the car you feel like you are been hugged by this high-performance machine as you feel it grip into the corners. Even though it’s built for performance the 2 seater car still offers you an ample amount of luggage space in the boot. It's wide-opening hatch offers easy access to the 235litre boot space; this will fit your weekend bag, golf clubs or weekly shopping in.

Technology & Safety Features

You’ll find the latest technology within this sports car, you’ll first notice when looking at the cabin of the coupe Nissan’s integrated navigation system, which offers high-definition 3D maps of 20 European cities as well as traffic updates in real-time. But that's not all it does, it has 9.3GB of hard-drive for music storage, 7” touchscreen that offers voice recognition and a colour rear-view reversing camera. Moving down from the touchscreen you will notice the race-style red start push button, this is integrated with the Nissan intelligent key you never have to take your key out of your bag or pocket to start the sports car. The intelligent key even realises when you're approaching the car and allows you to unlock the door with a tap of a button on the door handle.

If you don’t want to listen to the V6 engine anymore you can take full advantage of your music storage by turning up your BOSE 8 speaker audio system. Or amp up the V6 twin exhaust sound by projecting the engine notes through your BOSE speakers giving you an immersed driving feeling.

You're in safe hands with this coupe, as Nissan has installed their advanced airbag system which includes a dual-stage front airbag, occupant-classification sensor which adjust inflation of the airbag based on the severity of the crash. Plus there are 2 side-impact air bags which are built into the sports seats, as well as into the roof offering head protection. There is also seat-belt sensors, tightening the belt as the airbag is deployed. Your seat also has active head restraints preventing the cause of whiplash.

Engine Specifications

The 370z comes with one engine choice a 3.7-litre V6 power plant that develops 328PS and 363Nm of torque. This is an aspirated engine rather than turbocharged, offering low-range and mid-range acceleration. This power plant offers a 0-60mph time of 5.3 seconds for that exhilarating ride.

Engine choices as follows;

● 3.7litre V6 328PS 7-speed automatic - with 26.9mpg producing C02 emissions of 245g/km and a power of 253PS.

● 3.7litre V6 328PS 6-speed manual - with 26.6mpg producing C02 emissions of 248g/km and a power of 241PS.

● 3.7litre V6 344PS 6-speed manual - with 26.6mpg producing C02 emissions of 248g/km and a power of 241PS.

370z Nismo

We can’t talk about this high-performance coupe without mentioning the Nismo model. This is the most focused Z car ever offered, you’ll find a high-revving 344PS V6 engine, wider rear 19” RAYS alloy wheels and competition tuned suspension with stiffer springs, uprated dampers and thicker anti-roll bar offering you the track day driving experience.

You’ll notice a different engine note with the Nismo free flowing dual exhaust, this reduces back pressure by 30%. This results in a responsive top-end power, which will make you smile.

The Nismo interior is trimmed with red Alcantara as well as offering red accents throughout the cockpit. The signature Nismo tachometer shows you exactly what you are getting from the engine when you’re sat firmly in a RECARO performance seat which is trimmed in leather with contrasting red Alcantara cloth offering you a very comfortable seat for cornering. Plus you will notice the small details like the embroidered Nismo logo within the headrest of the sports seat.

You may be thinking I want more power, along with a more aggressive stance on the road. You won't go wrong with the 370z or 370z Nismo, but if you are looking for that little something with more power and you can still use it as a daily driver. Then you need to take a look at the Nissan GT-R, the MY17 model is even more refined and powerful than before.

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Paul Thomas


Nissan 370z 2Dr 3.7 GT Pack

I have always liked and bought sports cars and had previously owned a BMW Z4. However, after test driving the

370Z at West Way Aldershot and receiving a first rate service, my partner and I agreed to change cars, with the two year free servicing clinching the deal for us. One of the main reasons for buying the 370Z was the level of comfort I experienced as soon as I sat in the car. Despite only being a two-seater, the cabin space is excellent and you never feel cramped. The host of features including the heated seats and the sound and navigation system make every day driving a pleasure. One of my favourite features is the sports mode button, which allows perfect gear changes on more spirited drives. With the 370Z, you get a fantastic product for your money with outstanding reliability. I have now covered 30,000 trouble-free miles in this car and have not once been disappointed.

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