Nissan’s supercar has broken all the rules again with the launch of the MY17 GT-R. It's raised the bar on performance and handling, as well as becoming more refined and luxurious. This famous legend is steeped in History and has kept evolving from its unassuming 1994 2000GT 4 door sedan that lead the Fuji Speedway in Japan beating a Porsche 904.

With the launch of the MY17 model, you'll find yourself pushed back into your seat when driving this 570PS horsepower and 637Nm of torque supercar. This is a car for anyone, anywhere at any time, check out the GT-R deals we’re offering - you’ll want to buy one! 

To find out all about the GT-R and its history including what awards it's won and where it's built and manufactured. Plus a whole lot more info on the amazing Supercar just visit the Nissan GT-R Wikipedia page 

Exterior Features

The newly designed GT-R has stayed true to its iconic features and kept the rear circular light clusters, changing up the body styling by extending the sides to improve airflow away from the rear bumper, while creating a wider rear bodywork, providing a more aggressive look. The Japanese engineers have created a good looking car with presence on the road, the GT-R exterior dimensions when on the road are:

  • Height 1370mm
  • Length 4670mm
  • Width 1895mm

Nissan’s engineers have also altered the exhaust by adding the titanium system that was developed for the GT-R Nismo. Its redesign has enabled a driver-activated open value system, providing quiet engine noises at low speeds and can increase when wanted.

The most noticeable change is the front, Nissan has added their latest design signature the ‘V-Motion’ grill and enlarged its area creating increased engine cooling. You’ll see the front bumper has had a design overhaul, providing a new front bumper and splitter that is all about aerodynamics.  As you work your way around to the side of this car you will notice another redesign across the side skirts as well as the GT-R’s C-pillars, and not forgetting the new 20inch Y-spoke alloy wheels. All these alterations to the bodywork are for one reason, it's all about reducing drag, improving airflow and cooling to this high performance Nissan.

To complement the effort gone into the body styling and to make this car look as good as possible when parked or moving down the road at speed. The Japanese manufacturer has picked out the best colours to wrap this amazing car in, they’ve also added in a new colour especially for the MY17:

  • New - Katsure Orange
  • Storm White
  • Pearl Black
  • Gun Metallic
  • Daytona Blue
  • Ultimate Silver
  • Vibrant Red

Nissan GT-R vs Nissan Drone

Watch how the MY17 model handles around the track and listen to those engine notes. You'll see why the GT-R is best in its class and some.

Interior Features

When you first think about a Nissan GT-R you may not think luxury, but you’ll be mistaken. This newly designed model is lavished with luxury materials and feature throughout its interior. You’ll find the dashboard and instrument panel are covered with high-end leather. While the dashboard has gone through a full redesign. This was to improve the layout and simplify what the driver had in front of him, this has reduced the number of switches from 27 in the MY16 GT-R to a simple 11. The gear shift has also been simplified, you are now shifting through gears via paddles located on the steering wheel, making life easy when turning corners and changing down gears.

For such a driver’s car you would expect the interior to be a little noise, once again this supercar has become even more refined. The noise is reduced by adding improved sound deadening as well as an acoustic windscreen, making the cabin very quiet. This has improved the interior comfort making this car a joy to drive long distance.

MY17 is available with several interior grade options, you have the Pure grade which features black cloth and Alcantara seats. Then you have the Recaro interior that features black and red Recaro seats and a matching interior. And finally you have the Prestige Grade which features high quality leather, this is available in 4 colours: black, tan, ivory and red.

Technology & Safety Features

The GT-R features an 8inch touch screen that's multifunctional, you will find everything you need right in one colour screen. Nissan’s interior redesign and reduction in switches has led to this multifunctional screen providing you with everything such as audio, navigation as well as your choice between 5 customisable display screens. Choose from a variety of engine performance, efficiency as well as looking at g-force when cornering, accelerating or braking. It’s endless what you can monitor when driving this supercar, with a touch of the colour screen you can find information on:

  • Core Engine Data
  • Acceleration Data
  • Brake Performance Data
  • Temperature Data
  • Cornering & Steering Data
  • Time Logs

To navigate your way through all these features and settings Nissan have provided a rotary control, providing you with quick access to in-car entertainment, sat nav, and the multifunctional display. Other features include:

  • Colour reversing camera
  • Nissan intelligent key
  • NissanConnect sat nav
  • Bluetooth phone integration

Safety features:

  • Front airbags
  • Side and curtain airbags
  • Automatic LED headlights
  • Stability & traction control
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Vehicle dynamic control (VDC)

You’ve never had more control over a car till now, the GT-R will keep you safe on the road while keeping you excited to drive this advanced Nissan every day through any weather conditions.

Engine Specifications

The Japanese engineers have pushed the GT-R further than previous models. The award-winning 3.8 litres V6 24 valve twin-turbocharged engine is now producing 20PS and 5Nm of torque more than the MY16. As we mentioned above this engine is now producing 570PS at 6800rpm and 637Nm of torque to all 4 wheels.

3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V6 570PS

  • Fuel Consumption - 23.0mpg
  • CO2 Mass Emission - 275g/km
  • Engine Power - 570 PS

3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V6 600PS

  • Fuel Consumption - 23.0mpg
  • CO2 Mass Emission - 275g/km
  • Engine Power - 600 PS



  • Emissions - 275 g/km EURO6
  • Fuel Consumption - up to 32.1mpg
  • Gear - 6-speed semi-auto



As we have come to expect great things from the Nissan GT-R throughout the years we know the car will be rapid. But how rapid is the question? The new GT-R offers a 0-60mph time of 2.7 seconds. This is on par with a 2014 McLaren P1. Now that's fast, you are in supercar territory now but with an everyday road car. That's one good reason to purchase a Nissan GT-R.
  • 0 to 60mph - 2.7 secs
  • Engine Power - 550bhp
  • Top speed - 196mph




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David Cassidy


Nissan Gt-r 2Dr V6 Recaro

After owning my Ford Focus ST Turbo for four years, I thought it was time to change my car. I

contacted West Way Manchester enquiring about a used vehicle, but ended up part exchanging my old car and buying a new Nissan GT-R 550 Recaro in Daytona Blue as I have always been attracted to the GT-R brand. What I like most about the car is that it has many characteristics and easily adapts to where and when I’m driving, meaning it easily suits my lifestyle – one day I can be driving through town at 30mph, the next I can be on a race track, in R mode transmission, showing off brutal acceleration and brilliant speeds. There is nothing impractical about the GT-R and it is genuinely an everyday supercar. It is comfortable with supportive, electrically adjustable seats, there is plenty of room in the boot for suitcases and shopping, and it has proven very reliable, which is impressive for a car with this level of power and performance. The fuel economy is similar to my previous car. There are two functions which have surprised me with the GT-R; the exhilaration of the launch control facility and the in-car satellite navigation system is the best I’ve used, it even gives additional information including distance to the next two service stations when driving on the motorway. The car could do with a slightly throatier, more prominent exhaust note at times, however when I decide to open up the taps a little, the engine is very eager and has a very unique sound. I would not hesitate to use West Way again in the future, the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and they kept in contact with me everyday until I picked the car up.

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