Ever wondered what would happen if you mixed the award-winning NV200 van with the world's most popular EV (electric vehicle) - the Nissan LEAF? You get the almighty e-NV200, a van that shares the same clever technology as the LEAF yet uses the NV200’s features and practicality. With a range of up to 106 miles, this vehicle will be your perfect business partner, saving you money and catering to your business.

Exterior Features

Featuring a classy exterior, the new e-NV200 is not only highly practical but stylish! With an aerodynamic design you can expect this vehicle to keep wind resistance low and efficiency up, which is also helped by the low-rolling resistance tyres which contribute to reducing energy loss. Each grade comes with all wheels and matching coloured bumpers which truly add to its up market look.

With attractive smart looks, the new e-NV200 has a streamlined, aero dynamic profile. With the high driving position and front door windows which slope down towards the nose of the van, you get maximum visibility looking out over the road. Rear passengers will also benefit from the large windows that offer great views and supply the cabin with lots of light.

Interior Features

The e-NV200 takes care of business for you! Turn your cabin into a mobile office space with useful storage and features everywhere for your convenience. You can even have your own desk by folding down the front passenger seat, so you can complete important paperwork in between jobs.


There’s storage everywhere, including the glove box and dash-top tray which are perfect for holding paperwork. With multiple cup holders and large pockets on the doors everything in this EV van has a place for all your belongings. You can also opt for storage trays between the seats to hide valuables if you need the extra room.

This model has the best cargo capacity in its class of 4.2m³ (3474kg) with a maximum payload of 703kg. This is because its battery pack is fitted into the floor, so you get to maximise the uninterrupted load space that can take on 2 loaded Euro Pallets. As well as having a low loading floor, as the e-NV200 loading area is 520mm from ground to floor.

With the 60:40 split rear doors opening 180-degrees with optional glass, and a full metal bulkhead separating the cockpit from the rear loading area. If this isn’t convenient enough for you and a single one-piece hatchback style door will fulfil your needs better, you can opt for this configuration. This opens wide for easy and high access.

In addition to this door, there are sliding doors on each side with low loading height, providing you with safer loading and unloading regardless whether you're using a forklift or loading goods with your bare hands. You can fasten down the contents of your van with the 6 tie downs anchor points positioned on the cargo floor and thanks to their heavy duty design, even the weightiest of objects will stay secure. These will prevent fragile cargo from breaking and they fold flat into the floor for a smooth surface.

You can now utilize every inch of space inside the 1,500mm width of the interior, with the minimal squared off wheel archers. These take up little room so you can have efficient stacking and extra space for shelves and racking.

Safety & Technology

Connect with the world from your driver’s seat with NissanConnect. On the e-NV200, this features NissanConnect EV, a clever app that connects your CARWINGS system to your smartphone allowing you to remotely activate charging, plan your journey and pre-set the air con. It also provides you with an on route charging point checker.

As well as this, the advanced system helps you navigate; you can take the quickest route or avoid bad traffic. Featuring Points of Interest, real time traffic info and 3D maps, this system will provide you with everything you need every journey. You can also make calls on the journey hands-free with the e-NV200’s Bluetooth system. Connect your phone to stay entertained playing your own playlists.

Fumbling around for your keys can be irritating when you're constantly on deliveries, which is why there is Nissan Intelligent Key technology. Gone are the days of wasting time finding your keys as this feature does it for you so you don’t have to lock/unlock your EV! All you need is the key in a pocket or handbag, then just let the intelligent system do the rest.

The temperature inside your van is important and can make a huge difference on a long journey. The climate control system gives you cool air or a fast warm up on a frosty winter morning. When temperatures are cold outside, you’ll appreciate the warmth of the comfy heated seats and steering wheel.

Safety is covered in this EV which Nissan have filled with advanced safety technologies, which fulfils the car brands comprehensive approach to safety which guide the development and engineering of each and every Nissan vehicle.  Because of this, you’ll find on this model:

● A colour reversing camera providing an extra pair of eyes when squeezing into tight spots and loading bays.
● An Anti-Locking Brake System (ABS) for secure braking when needed.
● Van ventilated disc brakes on each wheel for more consistent, smoother braking
● Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) which apportions braking in response to the load on board.
● Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) which monitors steering and braking. If it detects oversteer or understeering it will compensate by reducing your speed or applying brakes to specific wheels.
● Built-in protection, such as the standard driver airbag and belt pre-tensioners.
● Engine immobiliser that prevents unauthorised driving - the van will disable if the engine is started without the key present.

Range & Charging

You can maximize battery with the e-NV200’s advanced route planner which enables you to plan the most energy efficient route. Simply set your parameters and the planner does all the work for you and is another useful feature that helps you make the most of your battery.

To get the most range from each charge, you are still able to pre-heat/cool inside whilst it’s still on charge, this will use the electric source instead of the battery. Also, you can use the heated steering wheel and seats whilst on charge

With the ECO Mode, you can use your EV in the most efficient way available. Activating it will limit the motor’s output, cutting back on air conditioning and boosting the regenerative braking. These 2 combined will help save the mile range up to 10%.

As the new e-NV200 comes with 3 charging methods you get to plan the journey ahead with multiple options. These include:

Rapid charger - 30 minutes: Reaches up to 80% charge in around 30 minutes and is the fastest method available. It’s great if you’re needing to stop and charge on a long journey as it's quick and simple. In the UK, there is a national network of rapid chargers which is growing every day; you can find these typically at service stations and Nissan dealers.

Home Charging Unit - 4 to 8 hours: This method is used for charging overnight using a 32A home charging unit. It can take up to 8 hours approximately to reach full charge. With the optional extra 6.6kw on-board charger this charging time can be reduced to 4 hours.

Plug into the mains - 12 hours: The most conventional way of charging, this method is done with the cable that comes with the e-NV200 which plugs into a regular domestic electricity supply. With this, you can charge your EV anywhere as long as there is a standard socket around.

Engine Specifications

When you test drive the e-NV200, you’ll discover its secret- the 100% torque on tap! Not only is this impressive, you’ll be surprised at the amount of power this van has for and EV. It’s also fun and surprising on twisty roads too with a low centre of gravity that delivers excellent secure handling.

Nissan have 20 years of EV research and experience behind them which has helped them become the leading car manufacturer in the electric industry. As a result of this, they have created a lithium-ion battery that's compact, powerful, durable and safe with a range of up to 106 miles. It’s in line with the models low environmental impact, with more 95% of this battery being recyclable.

In fact, Nissan are so confident with the reliability of this battery which is why they have given it an impressive warranty. If you opt for the e-NV200, you’ll be covered if the battery range when fully charged drops below 9 out of 12 bars in less than 5 years or 60,000 miles. From this, you get peace of mind and guaranteed performance for years to come. This coupled with no fuel costs, no oil changes, low maintenance and servicing costs, it’s an ideal choice for any business.


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Andy Carroll


Nissan e-NV200 Tekna

I purchased an e-NV200 as I quite liked the idea of being more environmentally friendly, especially as it suits my

business being more economical. The e-NV200 is the most comfortable van I’ve ever driven, it looks nice and there is plenty of load space. What surprised me is the spec level of the van and the features you can enjoy on the van, especially the reverse parking camera (it’s definitely an upgrade from my old bone shaker!). If there was one thing I would change it would be to improve the battery range, however I know that electric vehicle charging points pop up everywhere and you just need to do a little bit more planning! My van generates interest wherever I go and it has definitely made my business more cost effective for my customers. I now want my wife to have a Nissan LEAF!

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Peter D Curtius


Nissan e-NV200

West Way offered us the loan of a brand new e-NV200 for appraisal. We took delivery of our new van

complete with a personal registration plate. My company specialises in supplying and maintaining steam pressing equipment for the clothing industry. Many of our customers are based within the M25 and a great proportion of our customer base are inside the Congestion Charge Zone of Central London. Going all-electric has a number of obvious advantages for us, not paying congestion charge is definitely one of them! Other clear advantages are low running costs (both on fuel and service) free road fund licence and as a company we hope to project an image of environmental awareness and willingness to embrace new technology. Driving 100% electric is truly a whole new experience. I truly cannot fault it and can’t help but feeling a little smug when quietly gliding through London. I also find myself getting annoyed at other drivers whose vehicles belch smoke and are unnecessarily noisy… maybe it’s just an age thing but I really believe this is the way forward. If I had to come up with a single negative regarding electric vehicles it would have to be range but I am convinced that battery technology will keep on improving and soon affordable electric cars and vans will comfortably top the 200+ range. I can’t wait!

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New Nissan e-NV200