The latest Nissan NV200 is the workhorse your business needs with its large capacity which makes it one of the most impressive in its class! It’s a model that will take on the biggest tasks, while it’s still compact enough to whiz around urban streets and hectic traffic and with its very low running costs, the NV200 is your new best business partner.

Exterior Features

Prepare to make a statement in the NV200, with its smart clever design that showcases you as a business owner, as it’s an excellent advertisement for a business that’s on the go. The doors on this model help you access your goods inside from all angles. At the rear, the low step-in height allows for minimal and safe loading and unloading. As well as this, there is the twin sliding panel doors and the 60:40 split 180-degree twin rear French doors that provide all around access and are each available glazed or unglazed. If you any extra room for an item that’s too big, simply use the integrated roof rack mounting points to fasten any roof accessories safely and securely, with no drilling needed so you don’t risk damaging the body work.

Driving around busy urban streets in a vehicle this size has never been easier thanks to its small turning circle which makes getting into those tight spots and driving around narrow streets that little bit easier.

The NV200 has been made to be as convenient as possible by engineers at Nissan! The rear suspension has been ergonomically designed to keep intrusion minimal in the load area. Open the rear doors, and you’ve got 4.2m3 of space.

Interior Features

Filled with handy storage compartments, you can turn your van into an office on the go! Inside, you have a dash-top tray and a glove box complete with a secret compartment which is ideal for holding paperwork and valuables. There are also optional storage trays between the seats and an under-seat storage drawer perfect for storing important items out of the way. Why not add in the cup holders and the large door pockets so everything inside has a place that’s within easy reach whilst driving.

Thanks to the NV200’s clever design, it has huge cargo space capabilities that maximise internal dimensions so you can get the most out of transporting goods. Inside reaches a length of 2.04m and a width between the wheel arches of 1.22m, so you can comfortably fit 2 Euro pallets inside. Keep deliveries and goods safe with the standard floor hooks that help keep items secure or configure this model to meet your needs with a choice of a mesh folding bulkhead, steel bulkhead and two sliding side doors.

If that’s not enough, why not tailor your van to suit your exact business needs? Nissan offers a range of conversions with the NV200 which come with a 5 year/100,000 miles warranty to give you peace of mind. Stay cool with the refrigerated conversion, tailor made for the catering business and has 2 types of cooling units both meeting the highest standards. These can refrigerate up to to 0°C or to -10°C, yet will still give you 2.2m3 of room for loading, so you can equip it with aluminium baseboards, modular shelves, reinforced or modular shelving.

If you’re after something different, maybe a people carrier and a van combined, then we suggest you go for the Crew Van’s practical, modular layout conversion. This gives you the flexibility to function at all times, and turns your van into a 2-in-1 business partner on the road! This comes with:

- The ability to transport up to 5 passengers

- 3 foldable seats in the second row

- An integrated bulkhead for separating rear passengers from the cargo area

- 2-3 rear foldable seats

- Seats that can be folded/unfolded in just 15 seconds

- 2.1m3 before rear seat fold

- 3.1m3 after rear seat fold

Safety & Technology

Your new business partner will take care of everything for you with a cabin that acts as a mobile office with space, and connectivity and storage right where you need it. Thanks to NissanConnect which is all controlled via the 5” touchscreen, you’ll have all the high tech features such as telephone integration, Bluetooth and satellite navigation so you can keep ahead of traffic jams and get from A to B on time.

The NissanConnect touchscreen also helps with safety features, such as the reversing camera which helps park perfectly by guiding you into those tight urban spots and loading bays. It does this by projecting a clear colour image onto the touchscreen.

To help you drive more economically and safely, there is a gear change indicator in the dashboard display which tells you when the engine reaches the ideal revs, so you can shift smoothly into a higher gear. As well as this, there is also an onboard Nissan computer which gives you all the information on how to drive as efficiently as possible. This clever system shows you average/real time fuel consumption, engine revs and remaining mile range, so you can keep an eye on how much fuel you’re using.

For added safety and to make driving life easier on long journeys there is cruise control so you can easily stick to the speed limit and save fuel. Complete with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) you can trust the NV200, as this will give you confidence and strong braking when you need it the most. A much-needed feature on a commercial vehicle is Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) which adjusts the braking in response to how much you’re carrying on board.

With vehicle Dynamic control (VDC) your braking and steering will be monitored continuously as it senses understeer and oversteering, helping you compensate by reducing your speed and braking the certain wheels. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) continuously monitors your steering and braking, and when it senses oversteer or understeering it helps compensate by reducing engine speed or applying braking to certain

Engine Specifications

The NV200 comes with diesel engines which are the perfect size and give you a boost of power, combined with an impressive economy. The 1.5L turbo diesel can return up to 56.5 mpg for the 90PS engine.

This high-powered 110PS engine comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox that gives relaxed cruising and exceptional economy. The 90PS engine comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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Lee Kirk


Nissan NV200 1.5 dCi SE

After hearing about West Way Nissan’s good reputation, we visited the Manchester dealership and were immediately impressed by both the

service and price we were given. We originally owned a Volkswagen Transporter but wanted something a little smaller, at a better price and with an improved MPG without compromising on quality. As we had already purchased an NV200 in 2012, we knew that the van would be ideal and there were no surprises. Our business installs car park barriers and the NV200 is a perfect size for transporting these barriers to our engineers, with it being comfortable and nice to drive at the same time! As we are always on the go, an upgrade to the N-Tec model with the built-in Sat Nav would be a great benefit, but that is the only thing we would change and the NV200 is a van that suits our business needs perfectly. Lee Kirk, Camera One Ltd, Birmingham

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