Winter Tyres

Twice as many accidents happen in the winter than the summer with treacherous conditions occurring when the temperature begins to drop and the mornings get colder and icier.

Winter is considered the most dangerous time of year for all drivers no matter how experienced you are. Here at West Way, we want our customers to be safe on the roads this winter, come rain, snow, ice or wind! Fitting winter tyres on your car will provide you with better grip, shorter stopping distances and most importantly, peace of mind when setting out on your journeys.

Fitting winter tyres on your car this winter will shorten your stopping distance considerably. A winter tyre’s stopping distance is over 10 metres shorter than that of a summer tyre on icy roads, and 8 metres shorter than a summer tyre’s stopping distance on snowy roads. This will make heading out on the roads in winter weather a lot safer.

We’re offering our winter tyres from just £29, so if you don’t want the weather conditions to affect your journey this winter, then contact your local West Way Service department and ask about winter tyres today or book online.

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