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Electric Vehicle Savings & Benefits

Spend less, go further with the New Nissan LEAF.

Do your bit for planet earth by driving a zero-emissions electric car. The New Nissan LEAF is a 100% electric car, producing zero emissions while driving. Resulting in a cleaner planet, the LEAF has done over 2 billion miles worldwide of clean driving, now that’s an achievement.

Reduce the cost of motoring when you buy an electric vehicle.

Fuel Saving

As a car owner, one of the biggest expenses is the cost of fuel. EVs can save a large amount on fuel cost as there is no fuel to be added to the LEAF. When it comes to an electric car, the cost of running an EV can depend on your household electric tariff charge and time of charging. According to the RAC, you can travel 100-miles in an electric car from under £2, vs the best value petrol-powered vehicle for £12.

Low Maintenance Cost

Electric cars have fewer moving parts than petrol engines and diesel engines. An electric power plant doesn’t have such parts as spark plugs, oil filters, radiator, air filters and exhaust. This means no more engine oil changes, coolant changes and emissions test to name a few costly motoring expenses. According to the RAC, you can potentially save up to £300 cheaper annually.

No UK Road Tax

EV cars that produce zero emissions are exempt from paying UK road tax. Depending on what car you have converted from when you’ve moved to a Nissan LEAF you will be saving a minimum of £140 a year in road tax. Living in London and own a car, the congestion charge can add up to be a costly part of driving in the UK's capital. London’s congestion charge is £11.50 a day. By going electric you can save on a daily basis £11.50 per day. Driving in London 5-days per week, each week for a full year you could save yourself £2,500. This is a big saving towards your day to day motoring costs.

Get Paid To Go Electric

The UK Government are on a drive to reduce emissions in the UK. Due to this, they are offering many incentives to convert to electric.


This government scheme offers vehicle owners of ultra-low emissions vehicles a favourable incentive. This grant is offered in the UK of up to £3,500, this includes the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan e-V200. You can check for more information here at the Government plug-in car & van grants.

These grants aren’t only available just on the purchase of a New LEAF or e-NV200. Government grants are also available to reduce the cost of fitting a home charging point. Grants are available of up to £500 towards the cost of a home charging point, reducing the overall installation cost between £200 and £400 (according to the RAC).

Owners Schemes

Nissan has created a ‘Vehicle-To-Grid’ scheme. This scheme helps Nissan LEAF owners earn money-back by renting their EV battery while at home. Nissan has teamed up with an energy supplier Ovo to offer this service. According to Nissan and Ovo owners could see this scheme cover the cost of charging an electric car, around £350 to £400. LEAF owners potentially could drive for free.

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