Emissions Testing: What You Need To Know About WLTP & RDE

Introducing The WLTP

When purchasing a Nissan car you need to know all the exact facts. Especially when it comes to the environment, you want to know both your vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

New legislation has been put in place to make this a reality. The legislation is called the "Worldwide Harmonised Light Test Procedure" or WLTP for short. All manufactures around the world will have to undergo this test when developing new cars. Passing this test gives the manufacturer the ability to sell the car in the open market.

This legislation began in 2017, for all new models and powertrains. From January 2018 Nissan will start selling WLTP approved cars. And, from September 2018, all Nissan cars for sale in the dealer network will be WLTP approved. By September 2019 the WLTP legislation will apply to light commercial vehicles too.

WLTP The Real World Test

This new testing method gives you more accurate figures for emissions and fuel economy for real-world driving. The new test includes elements such as;

  • A wide range of temperatures

  • Severe acceleration

  • Shorter stops

  • Higher average speed

  • Higher maximum speed

Striving Further For Realistic Road Figures

The WLTP test is conducted in a laboratory and this means that results can't be completely representative of real day-to-day driving. To combat this, Nissan is testing their vehicles to further extremes (see above) to get more real-world readings.

In September 2019 there will be a new test introduced. Real Driving Emissions or RDE for short. This test is designed for vehicles to be tested on the road, under conditions that more accurately replicate everyday driving. This test combines;

  • Uphill & downhill driving with low speed on urban roads

  • Medium speed on rural roads

  • High speeds motorway mileage

  • High and low altitudes

  • Variations in vehicle load

  • Variations in external temperature

Figures You The Consumer Can Rely On

By combining the WLTP and RDE test's we can make sure we offer you accurate figures.

This means the stat's in our advertising or on our website are much closer to real-world figures for your CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

You will still find some variation between the figures shown and the figures you achieve with your vehicle. These tests are put in place to close the gap between these discrepancies. Due to the WLTP test conditions, you will see higher figures than what's quoted under the obsolete NEDC test process. Nissan vehicles remain the same, it's just the standards we test by that have improved.

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