New Nissan e-NV200 COMBI: 100% Electric People Carrier


New Nissan e-NV200 COMBI

From Only £26,035


100% Electric 7-Seater People Carrier for sale at West Way Nissan. This versatile combi people carrier is available to buy at our 15 dealerships.100% Electric 7-Seater People Carrier for sale at West Way Nissan. This versatile combi people carrier is available to buy at our 15 dealerships. Versatile and fully equipped. The e-NV200 is the ideal family vehicle with a capacity for up to seven people. 100% electric with a longer range means you save money and the environment.

    80KW Visia 5dr Auto 40kWh [5 Seat]
    80KW Visia 5dr Auto 40kWh [5 Seat]

    From £31,444 Including Government Grant

    80KW Acenta 5dr Auto 40kWh [7 Seat]
    80KW Acenta 5dr Auto 40kWh [7 Seat]

    From £34,244 Including Government Grant

    80KW Visia 5dr Auto 40kWh 50kWCh [7 Seat]
    80KW Visia 5dr Auto 40kWh 50kWCh [7 Seat]

    From £34,855 Including Government Grant


Operating Costs and Savings

Day-to-Day Savings

The e-NV200 is a fully electric people carrier with an impressive range of up to 188 miles. The benefits of being 100% electric go beyond saving money on fuel top-ups. Owning an electric vehicle (EV) means no more engine, no more engine tune-ups, and oil changes. You save both time and money on maintenance that you'd have to do on a standard petrol or diesel engine.

Funding & Grants

Currently, the UK Government offer great incentives for those looking at buying low emission vehicle. Especially 100% electric vehicles. The e-NV200 COMBI qualifies for a £4,500 discount. To put this into perspective, a plug-in hybrid qualifies for £2,500. This plug-in car grant means it is easier than ever to get yourself an electric vehicle.

Vehicle & Battery Warranty

West Way Nissan prides themselves on making sure you and your family have peace of mind.  You can rest assured you have made the right choice when purchasing a vehicle with us. As with the Nissan LEAF, the e-NV200 is powered by a 40kWh battery. This battery comes with a 5 year or 60,000-mile warranty which covers battery capacity loss. you can be confident in the fact you are covered should anything go wrong.


The e-NV200 COMBI is unique. It gives you the option of a 5 or 7 seat, fully electric people carrier. It ticks all the boxes. A huge interior makes it super practical and comfortable. This is teamed with compact external dimensions. This means you have the practicality of a people carrier with the agility of a hatchback. Even in the 7-seat formation, you'll find comfort is paramount for each and every passenger.

With a versatile interior, it offers a 5-seater or 7-seater passenger vehicle. Both with plenty of room for luggage. The 5-seater option provides you with a 1.9m3 cargo capacity behind your passengers.

Let your passengers travel in comfort with roomy rear seating. Comfortable chairs and large windows give the cabin a relaxed and light atmosphere.

There is an array of configurations so that you can adapt the interior to suit any daily demands. The Flexible and versatile interior is easily accessed due to the easy low height.

The e-NV200 COMBI offers a range of configurations to fit passengers and luggage in comfort.


Nissan's Intelligent Mobility continues to redefine the way we drive. This technology comes as standard in the e-NV200. A great example of how electric transportation can be both smooth and practical. All of this whilst remaining family friendly. Nissan's Intelligent Mobility keeps you connected to your vehicle and surroundings. It comes with an array of assistive technologies. This helps to keep you calm and confident when it is most needed. This 7-seater can get you round even the busiest and narrowest of streets safely and efficiently.

The e-NV200 COMBI is fully equipped with the latest technologies. This includes smartphone connectivity. Stay connected whilst on the move via the e-NV200 NissanConnect EV Navigation System. The digital information display can be customised too. This allows you to choose what information is displayed and accessible.

Range & Charging

Quick Charge

Reach 80% charge in 40-60 minutes. This is the fastest and easiest way to power up. It allows you to stay on the road longer. All you need to do is find your nearest motorway services or Nissan dealership. The CHAdeMO charging network is expanding all the time, so finding charger station is easy!

Home Charge & On The Go

There are a few options when it comes to [charging your e-NV200 COMBI van{/ev-charging-guide}]. One way is to use a wall box. This gets you to full charge in 7h30 using the 6.6kW onboard charger. Alternatively, there is the option to charge overnight using a domestic plug. You will reach full charge in 21h30 when charging in this way.



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