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Discover the new e-NV200. The 100% electric van that can take your business places you've never been before. You're looking at the ideal solution for your business needs.Discover the new e-NV200. The 100% electric van that can take your business places you've never been before. You’re looking at the ideal solution for your business needs.

  • THE E-NV200


Nissan are striving to improve their electric vehicle offering. That's why the new e-NV200 supersedes the last model. A new 40kWh battery provides an extended range, increasing from 124 to 188 miles. It was a perfect balance of performance and practicality. With a quick charging time of 40 to 60 minutes and a huge cargo capacity, up to 4.2m3. Some good stats to help you decide if this is the right van for your business!

Operating Costs

Switching from petrol or diesel to electric can save your business money. Reduce your running costs, save at the fuel station. No more petrol or diesel costs, no engine tune-ups, no oil changes. You will save money on servicing costs too! Plus, fewer moving parts means less that can go wrong with your commercial van.

Not only do you gain low ownership and operating costs with the electric e-NV200. You are also offered cash incentives when driving electric. The government offers great incentives for those that buy super low emissions vehicles. The e-NV200 actually qualifies for one of the highest incentives from the government. A 20% discount to be precise!

Your Guarantee

Nissan's guarantee policy applies to each of their vehicles. The e-NV200 is no different. You'll be offered the same warranty as the new LEAF. The new 40kWh battery has a 5 year or 60,000 mile warranty. Plus an 8 year or 100,000 miles battery capacity loss warranty. You can't be any fairer than that. For further details check with your West Way dealer.


This compact exterior offers you the ideal minivan for city streets. Nip between parked cars down a tight side street or maneuver yourself into small spaces.

Nissan's design criteria were to make an van that is dynamic, sleek and stylish. As you look around the e-NV200 you'll be impressed with its style and streamline aerodynamic design. This design has a practical side too, reducing wind noise and offering 188 miles of driving. Another contributor to this huge available distance is the low-rolling-resistance tyres.

You have great visibility. High up with deep windows across the front back and sides!

100% Electric Van For People & Cargo

This versatile model offers both as a cargo van or a people carrier.

People Carrier

With a versatile interior, it offers a 5-seater or 7-seater passenger vehicle. Both with plenty of room for luggage. The 5-seater option provides you with a 1.9m3 cargo capacity behind your passengers.

Let your passengers travel in comfort with roomy rear seating. Comfortable chairs and large windows make the cabin comfortable and light.

Cargo Van

The compact looking exterior doesn't mean compromise on interior space. You'll be able to transport large loads with a cargo capacity of 4.2m3. This is equal to 2 euro pallets of cargo, weighing up to 705kg. With a low cargo loading height of 153 mm and a wide-opening rear door, allowing you to load easily.

Rear Cargo Area Stats

You have space for a ladder: 2.04 meters (with optional folding bulkhead)

A = 60/40 split rear doors, allowing wider & taller loads

B = 1.50 meter wall-to-wall

C = 1.22 meters between wheel arches

D = 1.36 meter stand-up room

E = 524mm rear load height

Intelligent Business Vehicle

The e-NV200 comes with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. This keeps it in line with the award winning technology found in Nissan's other vehicles such as the LEAF. You know this is a smart work van. It offers intelligent power, a smooth ride and performance to match.

Be fully connected to your business when you are out-and-about. You'll have news, entertainment and connectivity at your fingertips. All with NissanConnect, plan your route, make calls all while on the move. Use the app to see what charge your van has, it's easy control remote charging app is ideal to keep on top of your power usage.


Take your office with you. The front passenger seat folds into a desk. Allowing you to complete your paperwork while in your van. You have access to a 12V power outlet and more storage than you'll know what to do with. No more paperwork mishaps, stow it all away keeping your electric minivan neat and tidy.

With such a large centre console display you are sure never to miss a turn. When it comes to parking this versatile van you'll have all the help you need. A clear colour rear view monitor guides you into your space with ease!

Charging Your e-NV200

You have 2 types of charging, quick charge or charge while you are asleep.

Quick Charge

Your able to reach an impressive 80% charge within 40 to 60 minutes, just enough time for you to have your lunch break. This is the fastest and easiest way to stay on the road for longer, just pop-in to your nearest Nissan Dealer.

Night Charging

Charge while you sleep. Thanks to the 6.6kWh on-board charger. Your wall charge will bring you to 100% capacity within 7 hours 30 minutes. If you need to charge your van via a domestic plug allow yourself 21 hours 30 minutes to reach 100% charged.



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