New NT400 Cabstar: Chassis Cab With Flatbed Truck [Prices & Specs]


New Nissan NT400 CABSTAR

From Only £22,280


Need a flatbed truck for your business? Looking for something to be versatile, efficient, manoeuvrable with a generous load capacity? The new Nissan NT400 Cabstar offers all this along with low running costs, high payload and the choice of 3 wheelbases. Plus several different power outputs and a wide range of body varieties. Tailor your commercial vehicle to your business needs.

    35.13 dCi Double Cab Dropside
    35.13 dCi Double Cab Dropside

    From £32,607 Including Government Grant

    45.15 dCi Chassis Cab
    45.15 dCi Chassis Cab

    From £28,245 Including Government Grant

    45.15 dCi Double Cab Chassis
    45.15 dCi Double Cab Chassis

    From £29,745 Including Government Grant

    35.14 dCi Tipper
    35.14 dCi Tipper

    From £28,065 Including Government Grant

    35.14 dCi Chiller Box
    35.14 dCi Chiller Box

    From £37,905 Including Government Grant

Exterior Design

Nissan has designed a body you want. Be it a short wheelbase truck, medium wheelbase or a long wheelbase truck. We have it for you. The new Nissan NT400 Cabstar offers a smart, modern and spacious design. The generously sized cab offers a light spacious place to be, with large expanses of glass giving you amazing visibility. The sleek cab doesn't impact on your load capacity, you'll be surprised with what cargo you'll be able to carry, even in the short wheelbase model.


The flatbed truck is built to be tough. The chassis is built with robust channel-sections and hefty leaf-sprung axle. It's ready to take the weight of your workload. Nissan chassis is built to withstand a heavyweight. You’re offered a 3.5 tonne and a 4.5-tonne chassis that both come with twin rear wheels to take on heavier work. It’s fit for any job.

You have a choice of 2 different gross vehicle weights and 3 wheelbases with single or twin rear wheels. You also have the choice of a 3-seater single cab or a 6-seater double cab

Short Wheelbase

  • Single Cab

  • 2.5-meter wheelbase

  • Single or twin rear wheels

Medium Wheelbase

  • 2.9-meter wheelbase

  • Body fitment up to 4.136 meters long

Long Wheelbase

  • 3.4 meter wheelbase

  • Body fitment up to 4.961 meters long


Looking for an easy to drive flatbed? The new Nissan NT400 Cabstar design offers you a tight, 9.6-meter turning circle (kerb to kerb depending on wheelbase) along with power steering. With a well designed 'cab-over-engine' driving position you are able to manoeuvre around tight corners. The driving position is directly over the front wheels, giving you a high seated position. A clear view of both front corners of the cab to make sure you pass objects with ease.

Driving Ability

Don't be fooled by the simplistic look of the NT400. This commercial truck offers loads of equipment. Making your drive comfortable and easy.

Independent front suspension, power-assisted steering and an anti-roll bar at the rear are all on offer. Driver assist tech, such as ABS, traction control, and hill start assist makes driving easier.

Interior Features

With a single or double cab, you will have enough room for you and your workforce. A spacious cab with high visibility due to the wide windscreen and low door. You have a full and uninterrupted view.

Don't worry about your seat ageing or becoming damaged as you see in a lot of commercial vans. The new Nissan NT400 Cabstar seats are upholstered with a hard-wearing fabric. This increases lifespan and there's even a heated driver's seat.

Looking for storage solutions to keep your vehicle free of paperwork? You have 14 separate places to stow your equipment and paperwork. The central seat folds down to become a work surface. Open the back of the seat for additional storage, a great place to keep all paperwork and notepads.

Power Outputs

You're offered 1 engine with 2 power outputs a 130PS and 150PS.

The new Nissan NT400 Cabstar comes with a 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine. With an advanced common-rail direct-injection design. There is also a limited-slip differential available. This gives you more traction on gravel or mud.

Nissan turbo diesel engine complies with the current Euro6 emissions regulations. An installed particulate filter reduces the number of diesel particles released. Nissan's selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system further reduces NOx emission.

Engine ZD30

  • Low output

  • For vehicle gross weight of either 3.4 or 3.5 tonnes

  • Power of 130PS

  • Torque 300Nm

Engine ZD30

  • High output

  • For vehicle gross weight of either 3.5 or 4.5 tonnes

  • Power of 150PS

  • Torque 350Nm


Nissan Body Conversion

Nissan offers a 'Business Ready Solution'. West Way has a selection of branded Nissan converted bodies, off-the-shelf so to speak. These are covered by Nissan's 5 year/100,000 mile warranty. There will be no build time, your commercial vehicle will be with you quickly and efficiently. Choose from a Dropside, Tipper or a Box for your new Nissan NT400 Cabstar.

NT400 Cabstar Dropside

You'll have a load capacity of between 5 and 8 Euro pallets.

Choose the kerb weight of 3.4 tonnes or 3.5 tonnes, cab configurations single cab or double cab. Choose body length, a payload of 1480kg for the 3.5-tonne vehicle and 2351kg for the 4.5-tonne vehicle. You have a choice of 2 bulkheads and aluminium sideboards. We can even offer you a non-slip deck, this consists of a 15mm plywood deck with a non-slip resin.

NT400 Cabstar Tipper

This Tipper is available with 1-way or 3-way electric-hydraulic tipping available to operate from within the cab. You have the choice of aluminium or steel and a single and double cab options. The load capacity available will be up to 6 Euro pallets.

What are you waiting for? To view our deals on the new Nissan NT400 Cabstar truck. You'll be amazed at their prices. We even offer you and your business 'Business Contract Hire'. This makes it easier for your business to own a brand new Nissan NT400 Cabstar.



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