12 Need To Knows About The New Nissan LEAF Electric Car
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  • 12 things you need to know about driving Nissan's all-electric Electric LEAF
  • 02 August 2019

    12 things you need to know about driving Nissan's all-electric Electric LEAF

    As climate change issues like pollution, extreme weather & congestion charges become increasingly prevalent, many people are beginning to think about buying an electric car. But that’s the point many people can’t get beyond – just thinking about it.

    So, if you need some inspiration, encouragement or focus to try Electric motoring, West Way’s THINK ELECTRIC Event http://www.westwayevents.co.uk/electric-week, running from Monday 12 to Sunday 18 August is just the answer. Here are 12 facts to help you know more about the LEAF:

    1. New – but not that new

    Despite the seemingly recent popularity in electric cars, the Nissan LEAF has been around since December 2010 when it was first introduced and then hit UK roads in 2011.

    1. Re-cycled and recyclable

    The new Nissan LEAF isn’t just green because it’s electric, it’s made almost entirely of easily re-usable and recyclable materials – with components of the body made from recycled aluminium, the interior made mostly recycled water bottles and power is provided by recyclable lithium batteries.

    1. World’s favourite

    The LEAF is the planet’s top-selling 100% electric vehicle with over 400,000 models sold worldwide and over 25,000 in the UK.

    1. Congestion charge-free

    The LEAF is 100% electric, so there are no emissions, no exhaust and no pollution – hence the LEAF is free from congestion charges that many UK cities are planning and the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) now operating in Central London.

    1. Increased mileage range

    The range on the LEAF is now officially up to 235 miles, although in real driving conditions, it will normally cover between 170 and 200 miles depending on driving style and road conditions – enough to get you from West Way Altrincham to West Way Mill Hill in west London.

    1. British built

    The LEAF has been manufactured in the UK at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland since 2013, along with the Juke and Qashqai models.

    1. Charging points

    For those worried about running out of juice, there are now over 9,000 locations with nearly 25,000 individual charging points in the UK. You can find out where those points are by clicking Zap Maps. It’s usually the most cost-effective to charge at home, so you’ll need to have a home EV charge point installed – if you need a fast charge, or if you can put up with a slow charge, you can use a cable that plugs into a normal domestic socket.

    1. One Pedal Wonder

    The new LEAF models have just one pedal – the e-Pedal, making it incredibly easy to drive, although it does take a bit of getting used to. The perfect reason to book a test drive.

    1. Charging time

    Let’s be honest, charging an electric car will probably never be as quick as filling up at the fuel station, however, charge-times have reduced considerably over the last 5 years and now rapid chargers can give you an 80% in around half an hour or so. There are 3 types of charger:

    • Rapid – ideal for mid-journey top-ups – typically takes up to 1 hour
    • Fast – good for visits and commutes – typically takes 3 to 4 hours
    • Slow – best for overnight charging – typically takes 8 to 10 hours but plugs into a normal electric socket at home.

    1. Save the planet and your pocket

    With fuel prices steadily increasing, an electric car is becoming ever-more financially attractive, so you can save the planet and your pocket. Costs for charging LEAF will depend on your home electricity tariff, but typically they start from around 3p per mile, with fuel costs for similar-sized petrol engine vehicles around 12p per mile, so you can expect to slash your fuel costs by around 60% to 70%. You can find out exactly how much you can save by using Zap Map Journey Cost Calculator

    1. Government Grants

    A £3,500 plug-in car grant from the Government is still available to help you buy a new Nissan LEAF. Grants are also sometimes available for the installation of EV Home Charging Units, alternatively,  Nissan is currently offering retail customers £359 cash discount on new LEAF to go towards the cost of a home EV charger. Take a look at this amazing Nissan LEAF special offer

    1. Up to £1,500 Deposit contribution

    The Nissan LEAF currently comes with up to £1,500 deposit contribution towards your finance deposit if funding the purchase of a new car through Nissan finance, 5.99% Representative APR.

    Our Electric week is on from the 12th August - 18th August - come and join us and feel the power of all-electric driving. Customers will also be eligible to a £20 Treatwell gift card when they test drive. Book your test drive at our Electric Week 

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