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  • Are you ready to get that Fuel Good Factor with the all-electric Nissan LEAF
  • 17 February 2017

    Are you ready to get that Fuel Good Factor with the all-electric Nissan LEAF

    The UK's best-selling electric vehicle has been developed with revolutionary technology, re-writing the rules on driving, intended for motorists who believe their choices can make a difference. Most mass-market electric cars have been adapted from internal combustion – engine prototypes, whereas the LEAF has been specifically created to run on solely batteries from the very beginning.


    Nearly 8million vehicles are recycled each year in Europe and the average car body is made up of 25 % of recycled steel; with the Nissan LEAF it's even more. Did you know the over half ofthe vehicles interior (60%) is made out of Recycled Water Bottles? Not only that, 99% of the car is recyclable so at the end ofthe cars lifespan it can be transformed back into water bottles or even another LEAF. The lithium-ion battery pack is also 99% recyclable, a lot more than the conventional car battery.

    Environmentally friendly

    You cannot get a more environmentally friendly car than the LEAF, which is a huge selling point for many green motorists. The Nissan LEAF releases 0% (g/km) in CO2 emissions, in comparison to the Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Ecotec which releases 124 g/km CO2 emissions and the WV Golf which releases 113 g/km CO2. According to Transport and Environment “Nissan has made the most rapid progress in cleaning up emissions… It also found Nissan has been the best performer in driving fuel efficiency since EU CO2 limits were proposed in 2008, cutting CO2 by an average of 5.5% annually.” 12% of total CO2 emissions in Europe are a resultfrom transport. The targets for 2021 in Europe is to reach 95g/km. Nissanare ahead of schedule and should reach this target by next year. This result is heavily due to the LEAF since it releases 0% (g/km) in CO2 emissions.

    co2 emmisions with the nissan leaf


    The 100% EV is silent but fast, in regards to brake Horsepower (BHP) which is a measurement of the engine's power, the Vehicle has a BHP of 109 in comparison to the 1.2 WV Golf TSI which only has 85 BHP. You wouldn’t have thought so but the LEAF is higher by 24 BHP and in 11.5 seconds you can reach 0-62mph.

    comparison image

    Save on Road Tax

    With the new car tax changes due in April 2017 it means more cars will be paying more road tax with the first year based on CO2 emissions and then a basic rate after that. We have created an article to make sure you know what's happening with car tax in 2017. Click "1st April 2017 Car Tax Changes: VED Simplified" to read the full breakdown of changes. With the LEAF you won’t have to pay a single penny on road tax, which could save you up to £450 per year.

    Save on fuel

    Fuel prices increase each year, According to PetrolPrices it now costs an extra £8 to fill up a tank in comparison to 2016. You can say goodbye to petrol and diesel.  Instead save more money and no longer worry about fuel prices.

    save 85% on fuel with the leaf

    Compared to other Nissan models, the Qashqai Acenta for example; doing average mileage, the electric family car could save you up to £2,400 a money with the nissan leaf  


    Following on from the subject of fuel, charging your EV is easy and more convenient than ever before. Did you know there will be more public locations to charge electric vehicles in the UK than there are petrol stations by the summer of 2020, according to new analysis by Nissan. Find out more. You can get a full charge in about 4hrs and a range of up to 124 miles with the 24kWh model or 5.5hrs and up to 155 miles with the 30kWh. If you need a fast boost, you can also use the rapid charge which allows you to reach 80% charge in half an hour. Click here to find out more in terms of where you can charge your Electric vehicle and how easy it really is. its so easy to charge your leaf  

    Traveling in and out of London?

    Traveling in and out of London means traditional vehicles have to pay the congestion charge of £11.50 per day, however with the 100% electric car; when traveling in and out of London you will avoid paying the congestion charge, due to zero emissions being produced. Appealing to Youngsters The LEAF has recently started to appeal to a lot more youngsters than before.
    “MORE than three-quarters of millennials (aged 18 to 34) consider driving eco-friendly car as the best choice to make their lives more environmentally friendly, according to a Nissan European study investigating millennials’ attitudes towards electric and hybrid vehicles…Millennials are willing to try new things, challenge processes, and think differently about the future.”

    - Gareth Dunsmore, Nissan’s Director of Electric Vehicles

    £4,500 UK Government Hand-outs

    The UK Government offers buyers an incentive when buying an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle, which is automatically deducted from the price of the car. Plug-in hybrids can receive £2,500 whilst the 100% electric LEAF qualifies for the maximum £4,500 discount.

     Talk to your car

    The all-electric car has been built with the driver in mind with innovative technology where you can remotely manage your car from wherever you are.

    You can activate and even schedule in advance a charging session with the NissanConnect EV app. No more sitting in the cold defrosting the windscreen you can do this from the comfort of your warm bed; even pre-heat the car from your smartphone or laptop. In addition you can monitor your charge level and driving range and check your driving history instantly.manage your leaf via your laptop and phone

    A good all rounder

    Let's see what others have to say about the World’s bestselling EV including West Way's Sales Directors thoughts on the car.

    According to reviews verified by Reevoo, the electric vehicle proves to rank high scores in all areas especially when it comes down to the drive and its performance. revoo stats on nissan leaf

    WhatCar rates the Nissan LEAF 4/5 stars whilst users rate it 5/5.

    “The Nissan Leaf is easy, fun and comfortable to drive”-  WhatCar

    Top Gear rates the Nissan EV 7/10

    “Nissan has sensibly designed the Leaf to be as normal and accessible to the masses as possible… everything’s laid out in a logical and easy-to-use fashion. There's even loads of leg- and headroom in the back, and the boot can swallow 330 litres of luggage... It's well kitted-out and even the touch-screen satnav is straightforward to figure out." - Top Gear

    “The popularity of the LEAF is continuing to grow; the introduction of the 30kWh battery with a range of 155miles has meant that West Way have seen a huge increase in traditional hatchback drivers considering electric vehicles as their family car of choice.”- Mike Powell, Sales Director at West Way Nissan

    west way nissan showroom leaf

    Test-drive the Nissan LEAF and tell us your thoughts and see if these scores match your expectations or even beat them.

    If you have any more questions, it's always a great idea to check out our FAQ page or simply call your nearest branch and ask for the specialist.

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