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  • How to be Prepared for a Wet and Windy Winter
  • 19 October 2018

    How to be Prepared for a Wet and Windy Winter

    The nights are getting longer, the mornings are getting mistier, the wind’s chillier and the air’s damper…which means the roads are getting more hazardous.

    So, it’s all the more important that you prepare to avoid hazards and enjoy a safe journey.

    Before you Leave

    • Plan your Journey

    Always check your route before you set off for a journey. Check the weather forecast and travel updates for anything that could disrupt or delay your journey. Build in a little extra time so you don’t have to rush. And let your loved ones know about your journey just in case you get stuck.

    • Pack Well

    You don’t have to take the kitchen sink with you – but packing some essential provisions will mean you won’t be caught short. We recommend warm clothes or blankets, food and water as well as a fully charged phone.

    • Check your Car

    Make sure your car is ready for a journey in hazardous weather. This is more than just checking you have enough fuel. You’ll need to ensure all the essential fluids such as oils, anti-freeze, coolant is topped up and that your electrics, tyres, brakes are in a good working condition.

    And that’s just to name a few things…but we can take the hassle out of that for you. With our Winter Health Check, we’ll carry out a 20-point check to make sure you stay safe on the road

    Getting Going

    Don’t set off until all your windows – windscreen, rear, side and door – are free of condensation, ice or snow. It’s important that you have a clear vision.

    • Demist Your Windscreen

    Don't let anything impair your vision – it’s not safe and it’s illegal. Clear your windscreen of that pesky morning mist quickly.

      - Direct your heating vents towards the windscreen. Then turn the heater on cold first and slowly increase the temperature.
      - If you have it, also turn on your air-conditioning with the heater. No air-con? No problem – all you have to do is put down your windows
      - Or if you have it, use your climate control! It will usually have a demist setting which will automatically adjust to clear your vision.

    • De-icing your Windscreen

     - Use a de-icer spray along with a proper scraper. The ice will dissolve making it easier to scrape away.

     - Make sure you check that your wipers aren’t frozen to the windscreen. Gently lift them up to check.

     - Got no de-icer? A homemade solution of 3-parts vinegar with 1-part water works as well.

     - Keep a de-icer spray and scraper in the car with you as the temperature can drop quickly in the evening too.

    • When you're on the Road 

    Whether it’s wet or windy or icy, make sure you adjust your driving style to the weather:
      - Reduce your speed and keep a distance between you and the vehicle in front to allow for increased stopping distances.

      - Be careful when overtaking and allow more room – this goes for cyclists and large lorries as they can swerve more easily when there are high winds.

    These are just some of the things you can do to have a safe journey during the winter.

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