• No Longer Eligible for PIP? West Way Can Help You
  • 26 April 2017

    No Longer Eligible for PIP? West Way Can Help You

    April 2017 Update:

    Following Government changes, those undergoing the unsuccessful transition from DLA-PIP will now receive extra support. Those who have lost the allowance will receive up to 8 (eight) weeks support with additional options for those who are eligible for Transitional Support Package. To qualify for the transitional payment cars need to be returned to the dealer during the handback deadline towards the end of their allowance. The receipt of the car will need to be completed within 24 hours via an online applications and those customers who are eligible shall receive a cheque within 14 days. It has been designed help people stay mobile, and secure alternative transport, the package includes:
    • Option to buy the car
    • Insurance claims history
    • Information pack
    • Adaptation support
    • Transitional Support Payment (if eligible)
    Transitional Support Package summary
    Joined Scheme before 2013 Joined Scheme in 2013 Joined Scheme after 2013
    Return car within 8 weeks of DWP payments ending; Transitional Support Payment of £2,000 Return car within 8 weeks of DWP payments ending; Transitional Support Payment of £1,000 Return car within 8 weeks of DWP payments ending.
    OR OR
    Return car within 26 weeks of DWP payments ending; Transitional Support Payment of £500 Return car within 26 weeks of DWP payments ending; Transitional Support Payment of £250 No Transitional Support Payment
      In January 2017 the migration of disabled people from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) commenced; PIP provides the same care and mobility features, just with different criteria for the assessment. The change in criteria has seen a number of disabled drivers left without vital support to purchase a vehicle. So, what does this mean for those drivers who are not eligible for PIP? And, what can West Way Nissan do to help them?

    Good News for Motability drivers who’ve had an unsuccessful PIP reassessment

    If your PIP reassessment was unsuccessful and you will be no longer eligible for a Motability vehicle, West Way Nissan can support you through the transition and help you find a replacement car at a reduced cost. Offers include:
    • Up to £2,000 support from Motability towards a new or used car (depending on when you joined the scheme – find out more here)
    • Deposit contributions of up to £5,000 if you want to buy through Nissan Finance
    • Potential refund of your Advanced Payment from Motability on a pro-rata basis
    • No VAT to pay on certain Nissan Crossover models, exclusive to West Way Nissan
    • You can drop your Motability car off at West Way Nissan – whether it’s a Nissan or any other make – even if you didn’t buy it from West Way.
    If you feel your PIP reassessment is wrong, or you think it’s unfair, you do have the right to appeal to have the decision overturned. To appeal, you can fill in the form here but it’s worth visiting https://www.gov.uk/pip/appeals first and reading the information in the pdf entitled How to appeal against a decision made by the Department for Work and Pensions.

    119411 OFFERS only119411 OFFERS onlySpecial offers for family members

    If you are still eligible to drive a Motability vehicle, West Way Nissan can now offer employee level discount on selected Nissan models to up to 2 of your immediate family members including mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter. Please contact your nearest West Way Nissan showroom to find out more.

    Changes to which cars are available through the Motability Scheme

    Further changes to the Motability scheme have seen a reduction in the vehicles that are now available. Manual vehicles over the value of £28,000 and £29,500 for automatic vehicles are no longer eligible on the scheme meaning that manufacturers like AUDI, BMW and Mercedes have either been priced out of the scheme or are no longer eligible. But not to worry if you are still receiving your PIP allowance West Way Nissan has a variety of vehicles available from sleek city cars, family crossovers models to the World’s bestselling 100% electric vehicle; all of which are available on the Motability scheme and available for you to test drive at your convenience.

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