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  • Top 10 Driving Songs for the Bank Holiday
  • 24 April 2017

    Top 10 Driving Songs for the Bank Holiday

    The nights are getting lighter, the days are getting warmer and summer is ever so slowly creeping up on us. It’s nearly time to roll down the car windows, open the sunroof and cruise to some killer tunes on the road.

    Top 10 Driving Songs for the Bank Holiday

    Everyone loves a long weekend, and with two bank holidays coming up in the next month, we thought we’d compile our top 10 driving songs to keep you sane whilst cruising at 70 down the (insert grid-locked motorway here). We’ve put them all together in a Spotify playlist that you can take with you wherever you are. However, we couldn’t put them in order because we love them all so much! Music tastes are subjective of course… so we’d love to hear your own favourite suggestions. Tweet us @westwaynissan or find us on Facebook. Let’s press play and get going! There's no official order, as we couldn't make our minds up... Beyoncé – Single Ladies This is one of our favourites. Listen to it and imagine yourself driving up some sun-bleached motorway with your friends, singing out loud as you travel together for a long weekend away. It’s so popular that even the Beyoncé sceptics can’t pretend not to know any of the words. MMMBop – Hanson This is where nostalgia kicks in. The title gives this one away, but we think you’ll agree that love it or hate it, MMMBop has ‘long summer drive’ written all over it in black Sharpie. Dance with Me – Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris Hit after hit, megastar Calvin Harris teamed up with Dizzee Rascal to produce yet another perfect driving song. It’s a bit of a summer anthem and has the power to get people in the mood for long drives! Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams We’re pretty sure this song was written to capture the free-spirited nature of summer and the fond memories that go along with it. A perfect song for a long drive. 99 Problems – Jay Z 99 Problems is an idea song for summer driving. It has an amazing chorus that should be regarded as popular knowledge. “I got 99 Problems but a boring playlist ain’t one…” Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen Besides the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, Bohemian Rhapsody is probably one of the only other songs where everyone knows every single word. From the gentle piano start to the crashing finale, it’s a road trip gold. Place Your Hands – Reef We’ve all been in a club just before it closes, when this song blasts through the speakers. It’s a universally known anthem that defies generational gaps. Get Lucky – Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams When this song was released, there was simply no escaping it. It’s a funky, catchy song that rose to the top of the charts in every country around the glove. The chorus (which everyone should know by now) is great for a long drive! All Star – Smash Mouth Smash Mouth’s biggest song is ideal for summer cruising. It’s very upbeat and bouncy, with a chorus that demands participation in the form of a sing-along. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars A song that refuses to die. We’re really sorry if you’re totally sick of it right now, but it has such a great summer vibe and we’d defy anyone not to start moving their body a little once the chorus truly kicks in. And no wonder it’s so popular, it has over 2.3 billion hits on YouTube! So that’s the songs we’ll be listening to this coming bank holiday. You can listen to them on the Spotify player below. Don’t forget to tweet us @westwaynissan with your favourite driving songs.

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