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  • West Way Winter Tips!
  • 10 October 2012

    West Way Winter Tips!

    It's one thing being prepared for the winter, armed with your de-icer and ice scraper but if your car isn't fully roadworthy, you'll find it more difficult to drive in wintery conditions.

    Here are our top tips to ensure your car is prepared for winter:

    Winter Tyre

    Tyres- the legal limit for tread depth is 1.6mm, however for maximum grip in icy conditions, a 3mm tread is recommended. You should also make sure your tyres are correctly inflated to the pressure recommended in your car's manual. You may choose to invest in some winter tyres which will give you added grip and snow chains which help to give you traction in snow.

    Antifreeze- make sure this is always topped up. Modern cars tend to have long life antifreeze in them so don’t mix with any other kind.

    Visibility- regularly top up your screen wash as this tends to run out quickly in winter as you use your windscreen wipers more. Windscreen wipers can also get damaged easily so you should keep checking them and replace if necessary. Make sure that your number plate is visible too because if it's not and you get stopped by the police, you could be fined!

    Battery and Alternator- Breakdowns are most common in winter months due to the extra burden on your alternator and car battery due to the increased use of lights and heaters. If your car is over 5 years old and showing signs of struggling when you start it up (or if you are in doubt) you should get your car checked.

    Lights- Darker mornings and nights mean your lights are essential, so for safety and visibility reasons it is important to check your lights are working and any broken bulbs are replaced.

    To make sure your car is ready for winter, Book Now for a Winter Check for only £9!

    Plus you will receive a Free Winter Pack - hurry while stocks last!

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